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Berit Koenig Rugs and Carpets – Berit Koenig was a productive designer and master carpet weaver from Sweden. A highly influential figure, Koenig was a member of the Föreningen Svensk Hemslöjd, which is also known as the Swedish society for arts and handicrafts. During her long and distinguished career producing area rugs, Ryas, and flat-woven Röllakan for the Svensk Hemslöjd, Berit Koenig created a number of named designs featuring geometric repeating patterns and stylized elements imbued with Scandinavian folk-art influences.

These remarkable compositions beautifully showcase some of the finer points of mid-twentieth century Scandinavian rug design. First established in 1899 and still operating in the present day, the Svensk Hemslöjd has a long history of supporting Swedish handcrafters and preserving folk traditions. Carpets and Ryas produced by Berit Koenig for the Svensk Hemslöjd are typically signed with the initials BK and also display the SH mark associated with the Swedish handcraft society or Svensk Hemslöjd. Increasingly popular as the mid-century revival thrives, vintage Swedish rugs and carpets like those woven by Koenig are one of the hottest commodities in the interior design world today.

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