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Artist Anne-Marie Boberg was an active designer and textile artist who produced a wide variety of decorative röllakan during the mid-20th century. Boberg’s designs feature chic geometric patterns, softer colors and classical designs that are infused with Scandinavian influences. Boberg produced many flat-weave röllakan, including several designs that were hand-woven during her partnership with the Axeco Svenska company. In addition to her skill for creating flat-weave rugs and kilims, Boberg produced a landmark publication on the art of macramé during the height of its international revival. Boberg’s designs are classic and inherently Scandinavian. Her flat-weave kilims are traditionally signed with the initials “AMB” and are some of the mose desirable and coveted mid century modern vintage rugs available today.

The esteemed artist Anne-Marie Boberg, emerged as a significant figure in the realm of weaving and textile design during the mid-20th century within the Swedish landscape. Her creative ingenuity left an indelible mark, a legacy that perpetuated through the enduring charm of the woolen Scandinavian rugs she masterfully crafted.

At the core of her Swedish textile masterpieces lies an allure that captivates the beholder — a mesmerizing blend of artistic patterns that exude an air of elegance, a charm that stems from their very simplicity. The vintage art rugs birthed from the capable hands of the Swedish artisan, Anne Marie Boberg, stand as manifestations of true artistry, poised to grace any home’s interior with an unmistakable touch of excellence.

For those of us that have a true love and deep appreciation for the and of the textile / fiber arts, especially if those of us that love Scandinavian and Swedish rugs and the art of weaving, the magnificent and relatively affordable vintage area rugs, form the mid 20th century, of Swedish textile artist Anne-Marie Boberg should top the list. Her rugs are not just floor coverings, they are literally works of art that were woven for people to walk on and to enhance the beauty of their home’s interior.

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