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Ellen Stahlbrand (1877-1958) – Ellen Stahlbrand was an inventive textile artist who was active during the turn of the 20th century. She created many distinctive textiles and designed influential Scandinavian flat-weave rugs. These pieces put Sweden on the map of international design and helped define the style of the all-important art deco movement.

Carpets designed by Stahlbrand were displayed alongside the works of Märta Måås-Fjetterström, Märta Gahn and many other great designers who appeared in the 1925 International Exhibition in Paris, an event that started the art deco style. Stahlbrand took traditional folk-art motifs and reinvented them for a modern audience with great success. Like other designers in the early 20th century, Stahlbrand was far ahead of her time. Her pieces were part of the first successful wave of handcrafted works created in a post-industrial climate. The initials “ES” are featured in flat-weave rugs and textiles that are attributed to Ellen Stahlbrand.

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