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Ingegerd Silow Rugs – Internationally known, Swedish designer and master weaver Ingegerd Silow (1916 – 2005), was deeply involved with social handcraft societies and commercial design firms in the mid-20th century during the golden-age of Scandinavian design. Silow was educated at the Konstfack or College of Art and Design in Stockholm and also received training at Copenhagen’s famed Kunsthandtweerksskolen handwork school. Silow developed her own eclectic style through studies in Denmark, the United States and Mexico.

As a high-power designer, Ingegerd Silow developed partnerships with many communal handcraft societies, including the Swedish Arts and Crafts Society, the Handicraft Friends, the Svensk Hemslöjd in Stockholm, the handworkers textile school, and the Stockholm City and the County Arts Association. Her industrial design experience gained in the cultural city of Borås earned her a position as a pattern designer for the Handicraft Association of Sweden and the Stockholm-based design firm Heyman & Olesen. As a commercial designer and freelancer, Ingegerd Silow created her own textile designs and produced collections of curtains and carpets for commercial firms.

Her strong design experience also led to an extensive 15-year partnership with Eric Ewers Ltd., and Axeco, a firm that created accessible tapestries and carpets. Silow’s colorful carpet designs are still being reproduced today. The artist’s original carpets were also featured at the National Museum in Stockholm, Liljevalchs art gallery and internationally. Silow’s design portfolio includes formal repeating patterns, geometric motifs, fun florals, landscape scenes and whimsical folk-art designs. The legacy Silow created lives on in her uniquely Scandinavian carpets and textiles.

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Ingegerd Silow — Ingegerd Silow was an internationally known Swedish artist, designer and master weaver. Born in Stockholm in 1916, she is one of the most illustrious designers and weavers from the mid-20th century, which many scholars believe to be the golden age of Scandinavian design. She created a variety of original designs for carpets, area rugs, blankets, curtains and tapestries, and her designs are still popular today.

Born in Stockholm in 1916, Ingegerd Silow studied art at the Higher School of Art and Design School. She then trained at the famous Kunsthandtweerksskolen handwork school in Copenhagen. The experience she gained in industrial design in the cultural city of Borås helped her secure a position as a pattern designer for the Handicraft Association of Sweden and Heyman & Olesen, the Stockholm-based design firm.

Through her studies and travels in Sweden, Denmark, the USA and Mexico, Silow developed her own eclectic style, which is evident in the wide variety of works she produced. The fame she gained as a designer led her to form partnerships with many communal handicraft societies that included the Swedish Arts and Crafts Society, the Svensk Hemslöjd, the Handicraft Friends, the Hand Workers Textile School, the Stockholm City, and the Country Arts Association.

A much sought after designer, Silow also provided her service as a freelancer to many commercial firms, creating original designs for textiles, carpets and curtains. Her longest stint was a prestigious 15-year partnership with Eric Ewers and Axeco, a firm that manufactured accessible carpets and tapestries.

Silow produced a wide variety of original designs that included repeating patterns, geometric motifs, fun florals, landscape scenes and fanciful folk art designs. Many of her original designs were displayed at the National Museum and the Liljevalchs Konsthall (art gallery) in Stockholm. She died in 2005, but her legacy lives on in her unique Scandinavian carpets and textiles.

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