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Brita Grahn Rugs – Kilim rugs originated in the Middle East – specifically in the Caucasus region. They can be used as decorative floor coverings or as statement pieces on walls or sofas, thanks to the thinner make of these rugs. The patterns of Kilim rugs are produced solely with the horizontal wefts covering the vertical warps, and typically feature bold, primary colors. While Kilims (or “Gilims” in Persian, as opposed to the Turkish norm) are all beautiful standout pieces, Brita Grahn’s use of sandier, or at times pastel, colors makes her Kilims even more remarkable.

Including her Scandinavian take on Kilims, the textile artist created a number of warm, earthy rugs that draw the eye – too welcoming to be out of place, too startlingly unique to be familiar. Aside from Kilim rugs, Brita Grahn produced a number of more traditionally Swedish rugs and carpets. Scandinavian craftspeople have been making rugs by hand for centuries yet until recently had gained little notoriety in comparison to those from regions more typically associated with the craft (such as Persia and China), but contemporary Swedish rugs are now definitely having their day in the sun, and Brita Grahn is one textile designer whose name mustn’t be forgotten in discussions about the Swedish rug trend.

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