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Ingrid Dessau Rugs – Ingrid Dessau (1923-2000) was a lifelong artist who received extensive training in textile design under the most prestigious names in the industry. Born in Sweden’s southernmost district of Skåne, Dessau was immersed in traditional handicrafts. At age 17, her formal training began at the Swedish School of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. After completing her schooling, Dessau worked under the legendary Barbro Nilsson, who was directing the Märta Måås-Fjetterström studio at the time.

Early in her career, Dessau was an important figure at the local Hemslöjden craft center where she designed many rugs, textiles and decorative pieces. She was also responsible for managing a group of 100 home weavers and artisans. In 1948, Dessau received an important traveling grant that allowed her to experience skyscrapers, jazz music and a variety of sights and sounds in New York and Mexico. These experiences influenced much of her later work. Dessau held her debut exhibition in 1953 and went on to design area carpets for the country’s best ateliers.

Between 1945 and 1986, Dessau designed carpets and textiles for the Kristianstad Läns Hemslöjd, Kasthall, Kinnasand and Hitex. Her abstract designs and clever repeating patterns earned her several distinguished awards and many high-profile clients, including the Swedish parliament. Dessau continued working as a freelance designer and completing private commissions into the 1990’s when she was asked to design table linens for the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize ceremony along with two other notable textile artists. Dessau’s unique designs are based on classic traditions that are redrawn in a modern way. Her stylistic hallmark is described as a celebration of the plain. Many of the artist’s best selling designs are signed with the initials “ID.”

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