Vintage Colorful Mid Century Modern Scandinavian Swedish Room Size Area Rug 71444


Size: 8 ft x 10 ft 10 in (2.44 m x 3.3 m)

Amazingly Colorful Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Area Rug, Rug Origin: Scandinavia, Circa / Date: Mid 20th Century – This gorgeous vintage Scandinavian rug features brilliant colors and blended hues that make it perfect for a contemporary interior. This exciting rug from Scandinavia features a modern abstract design that is an excellent addition to an updated Grand Millennial look or mid century modern design style. The vibrant juxtaposing use of colors will brighten up any space in your home and will allow you to create a feeling in the room that is both fresh and updated.

Nordic and Scandi inspired home designs remain an important element of the interior design repertoire these days. In the middle part of the 20th century, these wonderful Swedish area rugs allowed home decorating professionals to take advantage of the design space created by furniture styles with raised surfaces and open space underneath. The rug as a home decor element was no longer an afterthought in the approach to the room’s design, but it played a vital role in setting the tone of the interior and served as a central focal point.

Today, we use the beautiful vintage Scandinavian area rugs in much the same way. Vintage furniture has once again become popular, and these rugs continue to bring new life to our interior spaces. The colors of the magnificent vintage area rugs from Scandinavia reflect the natural world. The palette of this piece is reminiscent of water and the bold colors of summer flowers in full bloom.

The artist created a contrast between the warm and cool colors of the spectrum. The overall design uses bold geometric patterns and asymmetry to create a fascinating design that draws the eye in many different directions. The shapes within shapes create complexity and interest. The artist used a pixelated technique to give the optical illusion of subtle shades and color shifts.

This vintage colorful Swedish / Scandinavian area rug allows you to use a variety of colors throughout the space. It is a perfect foundation for a Maximalist interior design or a modern element in an urban modern designed room. The artist contrasts hard lines and sharp angles with curves to create a sense of drama and intensity. If you are a person who loves color, then this rug allows you to add plenty of it to your space. This rug would make a perfect foundation in a dining room or serve as the central focal point of a conversation area. Regardless of where you use it, this vintage Scandinavian area rug will bring energy and bold color to the room.

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