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A. Osterberg — Agda Osterberg was a Scandinavian designer and artist born in Stokholm in 1891. After studying at the Higher Arts Industrial School (now the College of Arts) at the university of Stockholm, she became a well-known designer of textiles and rugs, as well as pottery and other household goods.

In 1916 Osterberg became a teacher at the renowned Friends of Handicraft Association in Stockholm. In 1920 she was awarded a scholarship by the Swedish Society of Crafts which allowed her to further her studies in Germany and France, as well as the Bauhaus school in Weimar.

Osterberg became well-known for her contemporary textile and area rug designs that were influenced by Art Deco, the Bauhaus style, as well as the ornate stained-glass windows of European cathedrals. Her indebtedness to these styles can be clearly seen in her vividly colorful geometric textile works, which won her renown in Scandinavia and abroad. Agda Osterberg died in 1987, at the age of 96.

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