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Ethel Halvar Andersson – (born 1917 and died on 2011) was one of the most productive and accomplished textile designers and artisan weavers from Sweden’s Värmland region. Andersson is highly regarded within Sweden and Värmland County for her work with textiles, fabrics and carpets. Born in 1917 near Lake Vänern and the village of Kristinehamn, Andersson began her studies in design at age 17 enrolling at the prestigious Konstfack in Stockholm, a university dedicated to arts and crafts. During her celebrated career, Andersson drafted more than 1,000 original designs for carpets, textiles and upholstery fabrics. Her works include but are not limited to ecclesiastical textiles featured in regional churches and religious sanctuaries and bold geometric carpets that combine whimsical folk-art influences with sharp Art Deco lines.

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Active during the mid-twentith century, Ethel Halvar Andersson worked with the Värmlands Hemslöjd or handcraft society and Värmland County Arts for fifteen years. She was also actively involved with Skövde Arts and handcraft societies in Jönköping County, which are both located in Southern Sweden. During her long and productive career, Andersson created in impressive number of diverse area rug and textile designs ranging from medieval-inspired prints and elegant damasks to modern carpets and flat-woven Röllakan with designs that hover between Art Deco and mid-century modern. Locally and globally, Andersson has created an independent legacy and a grand body of work spanning many sty

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