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Ulla Parkdal Rugs – Born in 1939, Ulla Parkdal is an active designer and weaver who is extremely involved with the artisan textile community. For many years, Parkdal has lived in Rindö and worked in the Vaxholm area of Stockholm County. Artist Parkdal is famous for her classical, minimalist compositions. She describes her unique designs as displaying their own textile language. Parkdal’s modern area rugs and woven textiles have been featured widely within Sweden, including one renowned tapestry that decorates the main assembly hall of the Swedish parliament building in Stockholm. Parkdal has had a long and productive career with regular exhibitions and publications occurring through 2007. She is heavily involved with the artistic and cultural community and has been named the chairman of art and education in Stockholm County.

She is also involved with the Bildkonst Upphovsrätt i Sverige artist association, she holds a board seat at the Sätergläntan college of handicrafts, and she serves as the chairwoman for Svensk Hemslöjd AB, the Association of Swedish Handicraft. Since the mid-20th century, Ulla Parkdal has created many commissioned tapestries and flat-weave kilims for private clients, municipalities and local county agencies. She continues to create custom works through her company Ulla Parkdal Textil, which was established in 1980. Works designed and woven by this influential textile artist are signed with the initials “UP.”

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