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Rakel Callander (Signed RC) – Few mid-century Scandinavian rug designers boast a style as distinct and recognizable as that of Rakel Callendar. An incredibly talented Swedish rug weaver and designer, Rakel (Rachel) Callander is responsible for creating some of the most appealing and memorable flatwoven röakan designs of the mid-twentieth century. Unfortunately, despite her considerable success as a designer, the background and origin of this Scandinavian artist remains obscure. Little is known about her apart from her vintage rugs, and that she lived and worked in Sweden during that country’s great carpet renaissance.

Carpets and rugs produced by Rakel Callander are signed RC and typically include compartmentalized patterns decorated with inset polygons and geometric motifs. Like many Scandinavian carpets, works by Rakel Callander feature classic colors with subdued saturation, stark patterns, strong lines and charming details like braided fringes.

Indeed, Callendar’s work is highly emblematic of some of the more noteworthy trends to have developed in mid-century Scandinavian design – trends that are enjoying a great revival today. A focus on geometric experimentation that also incorporates traditional sensibilities characterizes Callendar’s work, as it broadly describes the entire breadth of mid-century Swedish rugs and carpets. Callander has also created carpets based on variations of her own designs.

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