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Klockaregardens Hemslojd Rugs and Carpets – During the middle years of the twentieth century, many regional crafting societies were formed in order to accommodate the blossoming interest in artisanal rug weaving. Among these societies: Klockaregardens Hemslojd, an enormously important group responsible for truly magnificent mid-century area rugs and carpets. The Klockaregardens Hemslojd (which was active between the years of 1937-1950) is one of many regional crafting societies that operated with Sweden’s Hemslojd handcrafted stamp of approval.

The artist’s consortium showcased homemade handcrafts, including kilims and matta rolakan produced by local designers and weavers. The Klockaregardens Hemslojd was formally established in 1937 in the lakeside village of Tällberg, although local crafting traditions are of course centuries older. Rugs and carpets produced by this influential crafting society are inscribed with the letters KH along with the designer’s initials.

The Swedish weaver MS, identified as Maj (May) Svanstrom, is among the most prolific producers of flat-woven carpets operating from the Klockaregardens Hemslojd in the first half of the 20th century. An important group of trained artisans, the Klockaregardens Hemslojd produced some of the rugs and carpets that define mid-century Scandinavian rug style.

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