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Anna Johanna Aengstrom (born 1938) is an influential Swedish textile designer who has had a long and illustrious career with the Axeco AB carpet manufactory. She is one of Axeco’s longest-standing textile designers, and she continues to produce designs for the company. Aengstrom’s hand-woven kilims are inspired by traditional floral and botanical motifs. As an artist, Aengstrom is recognized for her masterful use of composition and strong lines.

Anna Johanna frequently draws inspiration from floral patterns that were created in the 18th and 19th centuries. Ångström successfully mixes traditional motifs, quaint Scandinavian details and modern influences that are revealed by the novel placement of the decorative figures. Many of her early carpets from the mid-20th century are still in high demand. As a freelance designer, Aengstrom continues to develop commissioned textile designs for her Anna-Johanna Angstrom Design firm, which is located in the Lidingo suburb of Stockholm.

Anna Johanna Aengstrom stands as a prominent figure in the realm of Swedish textile design, weaving an illustrious and enduring career intertwined with the heritage of Axeco AB carpet manufactory. With an enduring tenure, Aengstrom has etched her name as one of the stalwart textile artisans within Axeco’s fold, consistently breathing life into captivating designs for the company. Her crafted tapestries, meticulously hand-woven kilims, draw inspiration from the timeless allure of traditional floral and botanical motifs. As an artistic virtuoso, Aengstrom’s mastery shines through her adept manipulation of composition and the deft strokes of her lines.

Rooted in history, Anna Johanna often casts her gaze upon the floral tapestries of yore, ones birthed in the embrace of the 18th and 19th centuries. Yet, her ingenuity weaves a tapestry of its own, seamlessly intertwining age-old motifs, the quaint essence of Scandinavian nuances, and the bold strokes of modernity. Witnessed in the ingenious placement of decorative figures, a new narrative unfurls, where tradition dances hand in hand with innovation. It’s a testament to her prowess that even her mid-20th-century creations remain sought-after artifacts, the embodiment of enduring artistry.

In the realm of freelancing, Aengstrom’s creativity thrives, giving birth to bespoke textile marvels under the banner of her eponymous design sanctuary, the Anna-Johanna Aengstrom Design firm. Nestled in the charming Lidingo suburb of Stockholm, her studio stands as a hub of imaginative fervor, a wellspring from which her visionary designs emanate.

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