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Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg (1955 – present) – Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg is one of the most important rug designers currently working in the industry. Ullberg has recently marked her 20-year anniversary as Chief Designer at famed Swedish design house Kasthall. During those twenty years, Ullberg played a pivotal role in Kasthall’s international success. Some of the rugs designed by Ullberg herself during that time contributed immensely to building Kasthall’s stellar worldwide reputation, most especially in the rug world.

Today, rugs designed by Ullberg may be found in the most prestigious locations all across the world. International head offices, embassies and design hotels are furnished with rugs designed by Ullberg, as well with rugs from her design house. Ullberg’s distinctive style has its roots in the Scandinavian tradition, but pushes the boundaries by combining ancient weaving techniques with modern effect yarns.

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