Guide to Swedish Scandinavian Rugs

Everything You Want to Know about Swedish Scandinavian Rugs

A Comprehensive Guide to Scandinavian Rugs and Swedish Carpets

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Swedish Scandinavian Rug Articles - Vintage Scandinavian rugs and carpets are among the more popular rug styles currently available. Prized for their unique aesthetic blend of traditional and modern designs, these exciting and dynamic compositions are beautifully suited to contemporary and classical interiors.

We, at Nazmiyal Antique Rugs, have assembled an informative and interesting series of articles about Scandinavian rugs and carpets here so that you can learn more about this unique and alluring style.

1. Marta Maas Fjetterstrom Swedish Rug Producer

Marta Maas Fjetterstrom

There is no doubt that Marta Maas Fjetterstrom is the most iconic of all the Scandinavian textile artists and carpet designers.  View one of the more impressive and comprehensive offerings of rugs by Marta Maas Fjetterstrom.

2. Vintage Rya Rugs

Vintage Rya Rugs

Rya rugs are traditional Scandinavian wool rugs that are formed with a long pile. The word rya actually means rug in English, though the original meaning was used to describe bed covers. These warm and finely textured rugs first originated in the 15th century, where they were much coarser and used as covers by mariners. Since then, the rugs have evolved to become lighter and more colorful, resulting in a greater degree of artistic expression. [Read More: Vintage Rya Rugs]

3. Swedish Tapestry Collection

Scandinavian Tapestry Collection

The Nazmiyal is a marvel to behold, as there are many traditional and modern Swedish tapestries available to choose from. These tapestries are unique and distinct in that they are meant to be set on the wall, where they can grace a broader and more immediate viewing area. Though applications are different, many of these tapestries share classical Swedish motifs and colors, resulting in a unified appearance when set with the appropriate elements. [Read More: Swedish Tapestry Collection]

4. Interior Decorating Tips for Your Scandinavian Rugs

Interior Decorating Tips for Your Scandinavian Rugs

In addition to providing viewers with a tremendous variety of rugs to choose from, Nazmiyal also features numerous interior decorating tips that you can apply to your Scandinavian rugs. Because of how versatile these rugs are, you can easily set them with any number of decors and furnishings. The decoration process around your living space can be made just as comprehensive as the shopping for your perfect rug or tapestry. [Read More: Interior Decorating Tips for Your Scandinavian Rugs]