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Brown Earth Tone Rugs

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Brown Earth Tone Rugs – ‘Ground’ Your Home Decor with Earth Tones!
While the color brown may not seem like an exciting color choice for your home, there is universal appeal in this tone that is so common but so varied in the natural world.

Find Inspiration in Nature With Brown Earth Tone Rugs

Brown is one of the most common colors in nature, and also one of the most versatile. Natural brown dyes are derived from many plant sources, including walnut shells, tea and coffee, and hollyhock petals, but also from minerals such as iron ore and natural clay. Brown does not occupy a separate slot on the color wheel, but shades of brown are created by mixing a primary color — red, yellow or blue — with its complementary color, i.e., yellow and purple, red and green or blue and orange.

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“Grounding” a room with a brown rug is, in effect, like placing the earth beneath your feet. It is a way to achieve harmony, instill comfort and create a timeless, unique, organic design that can evolve in numerous ways.

Explore the Brown Earth Tone Rug Options

Brown and beige are generally considered “safe” neutrals in the design world. But, depending on the exact shade, from taupe to burnt sienna, from ochre to rust, from pink beach sand to dark volcanic ash, brown has almost unlimited variations.

Dark brown is the color of chocolate and coffee beans, of brown bears or an ant colony. It is strong, dramatic and mysterious. The addition of white or cream changes the tone totally — from dark and moody to warmly comforting, the color of latte, hot chocolate or steaming oatmeal. On the other end of the scale, beige can be elegant and uplifting, sophisticated and trendy, or light and free.

The earth boasts many shades of brown in nature, many of them mixed with minerals to take on a red or yellow cast. Because brown is essentially a mix of other tones, it blends well with all other colors. The visual and psychological effects of brown tones are altered based on what other hues are used with it. All brown tones, however, send a subtle message of connection with the natural order of things.

That’s one reason earth tones are so appealing, and that’s why it can be a wise choice to place antique rugs with brown tones as the anchor of a room. It will not only contribute the underlying theme for the interior decor, but will enhance any other colors that you choose.

Some Pleasant Variations in Brown Earth Tone Rugs

For a bright, vibrant effect, select from the sunny side of the spectrum. Use a medium beige or taupe rug with a sunny glow. Think of a spring garden and pick floral tones ranging from bright tulip reds to yellow daffodils and delicate bluebonnets. It’s a can’t miss formula for a lively look.

In a room with a variety of greens that are reminiscent of a meadow or a forest, use a medium tone Oriental rug with a caramel tone, or floor covering with the look of well-worn leather. Add accents of natural wood in a variety of tones, along with terra cotta and burnished metals for a contemporary, earthy scheme that evokes a feeling of instant homeyness and comfort.

Just as appealing, however, are the calming tones of sand and surf. Put down a pale beige rug or carpet with a tweedy texture, and select furniture with the weathered, silvery look of washed up driftwood. Paint the walls the color of crashing surf and add accents in mixed tones of sea glass and faded shells. To keep it from being too pale, add in some sunny yellow accents or give another nod to nature with the brownish-green tones of lichen and moss.

Because brown earth tone colors appear in so many variations and intensities in nature, you really cannot go wrong by building this color scheme from the floor up.

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