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Oversized Antique Oriental Indian Agra Rug 72413

Size: 15 ft 10 in x 24 ft (4.83 m x 7.32 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

This sweetly elegant antique Agra combines the best effects of the medallion and allover formats. At the center a small medallion derived from the classic Chinese “cloud-collar” pattern provides a focal anchor without dominating the field. Around it is a delicate scatter of realistic plants – flowers with leaves – derived from the much more brightly-colored classical Indian Mughal carpets.

Antique Agra Rug, Origin: India, Circa: Late 19th Century – This elegant, earthy Indian Agra carpet was produced in the late 19th century in Agra, India. Agra was a center of carpet weaving since the Mughal period in the 16th and 17th centuries. Many of the examples from Agra show Oriental, Persian, and other cultural influences. They were made for a European market that was hungry for them as an element of interior design. Carpets from Agra are known for their excellent artistry and soft feel underfoot. Persian carpets influence many of the designs because the first Indian Mughal ruler spent some time in exile there. He brought the craft home and began the Agra workshops. They took the Persian designs and added unique, new designs to the Persian repertoire, creating carpets that are representative of the artistry of the Agra weavers.

The dyers of Agra developed a high level of skill and control over the dyeing process. They were able to consistently control the vegetable dyes to produce a range of shades. This allowed them to create stunning tone on tone carpets, such as this one. The Indian carpets of the late 19th century are in a class of their own and are highly collectible. In this carpet, you can see the medallion and borders that are of Persian influence. The center medallion has an oriental feel and is not treated in the same way it would be in a Persian carpet. The field surrounding the medallion is filled with delicate rose motifs.

The rose motifs demonstrate the high degree of skill of the Agra dyers, using deep tones, mid-tones, and highlights to create shading in the flowers and leaves. This is a masterful design that shows the level of skill of the Agra weavers. It would make an elegant addition to any space, where it will add a touch of elegance without being overwhelming in the design.

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