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What does “Jewel Tone” mean?

The term “Jewel tone” refers to a specific set of rich and vibrant colors that resemble gemstones or precious jewels. These colors are often associated with the deep, intense hues found in gemstones like emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, and topaz. Jewel tones are characterized by their deep saturation and often have a bold, luxurious appearance.

Some common jewel tones include deep blues, such as sapphire or cobalt; rich greens like emerald or jade; vibrant purples like amethyst or amethyst; deep reds such as ruby or garnet; and intense yellows like topaz or citrine. These colors are often used in fashion, interior design, and various artistic applications to create a sense of opulence, elegance, and drama.

Jewel tones can add depth and sophistication to a space or an outfit and are often used as accent colors or statement pieces. They can be combined with neutral tones or complementary colors to create visually striking and harmonious color schemes.

Rugs in Jewel Tones: Mesmerize with Alluring Color

The term “jewel tones” is a descriptive term of colors that resemble those of gemstones (some examples are emerald green, sapphire blue and ruby red). When we think of jewel tones, we often think of fashion. We consider which color might match our skin tone best, or how we might sport more than one of these alluring tones at once. But what about incorporating jewel tone palettes in your interiors in your home? Perhaps this might be achieved through gorgeous and unforgettable jewel toned rugs. Decorating with these colors inspires the same feeling of upbeat energy that the colors convey.

Colorful Gems and Jewels Nazmiyal

Colorful Gems and Jewels

Jewel tones are currently, and have been for a long time, in vogue across the interior design world, and it’s no surprise. What’s awesome about this color trend is its ability for cross-over in multiple styles of rugs! For instance, jewel toned rugs can be achieved through Persian Rugs, Indian Rugs, Art Deco rugs, Swedish Rugs, French Rugs, Vintage Rugs, Artisan Rugs, and more! From vivid reds to royal blues, deep purples and glorious greens, a rug that is bright in color is a sure way to head into summer. For something fresh, new, and ultimately inspiring, consider a rug of rich color that celebrates  jewel tones like no other.

Dyes for Jewel Tone Color Rugs by nazmiyal

Dyes for Jewel Tone Color Rugs

What are Jewel Tone Colors?

Jewel tones colors are, unsurprisingly, colors found in jewels and gems. Commonly, these include sapphires, emeralds, rubies, amethyst, and citrine. These colors are visually the opposite of pastel colors and are vibrant, deep, rich, and bold. These tones are not for the color shy. They are energizing, bright, and intense. Oftentimes associated with royalty, jewel tones are saturated and go well with metallic like gold that really amp up the “royal” look.

Many modern designers, whether they are clothing, furniture, or interior designers, are inspired by these colors and turn to them in their gorgeous designs. These colors serve as inspiration for many current fashion trends, trendy pieces of furniture, and even as the inspiration for a whole room design.

Decorating the Home with Rich Colorful Jewel Tones

Decorating your home interiors with jewel tones provides many options. You can choose to go completely bold and make a statement by decorating the room with all one jewel tone color or multiple jewel tone colors.

Conversely, you can also decorate a neutral-toned room and choose one or a few jewel tones as pops of color. Whichever way you choose to incorporate jewel tones, their timeless, rich beauty will add instant luxury to your space.

In rooms such as the dining room, home office, or library, jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue make great wall paint or wallpaper color choices. In the living room, rich jewel tones matched with luscious velvet, such as in throw pillows or even a sofa, are the perfect pairing. In the bedroom, consider a stately antique carpet dyed with saturated, royal jewel tones to give the space a more luxurious feel.

Dyes for Jewel Tone Rugs

Many antique Oriental rugs are beautifully dyed in luscious jewel toned colors. These colors include deep reds, blues, purples, and sometimes greens and yellows. Choosing one of these stunning, rare carpets for your home will give your space a sense of royalty, history, and bright, colorful joy.

Happy Colorful Rugs Set the Mood of the Room

Everyone knows that the perfect rug sets the mood of the room. A bright and vibrant rug creates a feeling of energy and optimism. You just feel happy when you walk into the space. Humans are automatically drawn to certain shapes and colors that make them feel good.

Happy Colorful Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Happy Colorful Rugs

When choosing a rug, it is important to stop and consider how the rug makes you feel when you first see it. Here are some examples of colorful rugs that will brighten your day and help you transform your room into your happy place.

Bright Colorful Jewel Tone Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns create a sense of order and balance. In recent years, chevrons, zigzags, and other geometrics in bold colors have been a part of our design vocabulary. This is because they make you automatically smile when you see them. Fine hand-knotted rugs in bright, bold geometrics add an element of surprise, but they also have a primitive, tribal quality that makes us smile. A bold geometric rug is the perfect complement to brighten styles from ultra-modern to Boho chic.

Rare and Beautiful Rich Colored Rugs

Psychologists have devoted an entire field of study to colors and the feelings that they invoke in people. Some colors automatically make you feel happy and lift your mood. In the world of Persian rugs and Oriental rugs, certain colors are found more than others, such as reds and blues. However, finding that rare piece with an unusual shade or rare color creates an element of surprise. Colors that make you feel good should be the first priority on your list when choosing a rug.

Lively Florals

Nothing brightens a room like flowers, and the same is as true for rugs as it is for flowers in a vase. Garden-inspired rugs bring the colors and shapes of the natural world indoors. Humans have a natural affinity for nature and anything that reminds them of nature. Bold florals in saturated colors automatically invoke a feeling of happiness and inner peace. They can be playful and whimsical or realistic and natural. Choosing a floral rug is a sure way to make the room feel a bit more bright and cheerful.

Antique Large Scale Persian Sultanabad Carpet Nazmiyal

Antique Large Scale Persian Sultanabad Carpet

Colorful Jewel Tone Tree of Life Rugs

Tree of Life rugs are a specific pattern that is meant to evoke the story of the Garden of Eden. They often have an abundance of plant and animal life. They are most commonly in cheerful colors that are meant to bring a feeling of joy and fulfillment. These jewel tone rugs can be found in many different stylistic variations, but they are a pattern that is almost instantly recognizable to people of any culture or religion around the world. It is a common theme that binds all of humanity together and one that will always create a feeling of happiness and abundance in the room.

Pretty Colorful Primitive Jewel Tone Rugs

Tribal and village rugs are known for their primitive designs and eclectic color combinations. Something that is primitive and connects you to man’s roots seems to bring a smile and a feeling of joy. They are unexpected in today’s modern world and give us a colorful connection to our common past. The bold patterns are almost child-like and have a whimsical feel. These primitive designs add an element of surprise that will always bring back a touch of the joys of childhood to the room.

Optimistic And Rich Happy Colors

When you want colors that almost always bring a sense of optimism to the room, you can’t go wrong with bright oranges and yellows. These colors always add a sense of cheerfulness to the room, whether they are the main attraction, or just sprinkled in a bit for flavor. If you want something calming and peaceful, you can’t go wrong with blues and greens. Greens tend to be reminiscent of abundance, renewal, and growth. Earthy browns make the room feel grounded and balanced. Greys tend to create ad calm and zen feel in the space.

High contrast colors tend to add an element of drama and surprise, which can make the room feel vibrant and alive, while more subdued tones tend to make it feel calm and peaceful. Consider the color balance and dominant colors of the rug to find one that brings you joy.

Large Oversized Seafoam Color Antique Indian Agra Rug Nazmiyal

Large Oversized Seafoam Color Antique Indian Agra Rug

Final Thoughts On Colorful Jewel Tone Rugs

The rug is often the most important element of the room design, aside from major pieces of furniture. It will set the tone of the room, so it is important to choose one carefully. Consider the color, design, and the overall feeling that it evokes. Your first impressions are always correct when it comes to how the rug makes you feel. Nazmiyal Rug Collection has many bright and cheerful rugs that will make your room your happy place.

Here are some of our favorite happy, colorful rugs:

Antique Turkish Oushak Angora Rug Nazmiyal

Antique Turkish Oushak Angora Rug

Decorative Antique Turkish Oushak Rug Nazmiyal

Decorative Antique Turkish Oushak Rug

Saffron Yellow Oversize Antique Chinese Rug Nazmiyal

Saffron Yellow Oversize Antique Chinese Rug

Large Antique Turkish Oushak Rug Nazmiyal

Large Antique Turkish Oushak Rug

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