Neutral Earth Tone Color Antique Oversized Persian Tabriz Rug 49427


Size: 15 ft 9 in x 24 ft 2 in (4.8 m x 7.37 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Magnificent and Finely Woven Neutral Earth Tone Color Antique Oversized Persian Tabriz Rug , Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1900 – This stunning oversize antique Persian Tabriz rug is a masterpiece of subtly luminescent splendor. Warm earth tones of yellow beige and coffee brown are beautifully accented with intricate light blue embellishments that are sprinkled throughout this magnificent antique oversize carpet. Delicate floral imagery is loosely sketched across the surface of the antique Persian carpet and patterns of symmetry and spontaneity are gracefully combined for a truly delightful and intriguing allure.

The central field of this magnificent antique Oriental rug is saturated with a warm sandy beige color. this color choice has the stunning effect of providing a naturally sunlit backdrop for the complex surface design. The subtle outlines of dragon flowers, which are etched in a light neutral inner color, are the most prominent figures displayed within this breathtaking antique carpet.

The two rows of larger floral elements are positioned with their apexes pointed toward the top of the antique oversized Persian Tabriz rug. The two smaller types of the same flowers, that are in between these two rows, are facing downward. Swirling around these larger sale floral designs, is an intricate mesh work of light blue daisies, ornate leaf like petals and other exotic and intricately rendered adornments.

The complex multi layered border creates an elaborately elegant framework for the central design elements. The main middle border is against a darker charcoal background with a gorgeous latticework of beige florets. Two similar border strands, with a row of dark colored leaves, embellish each side of this middle border. When viewed as a whole, this neutral earth tone color antique oversized Persian Tabriz rug is a beautiful testament to the artistic ingenuity and skill of its creator. This antique rug is sure to add a bright and exhilarating feeling of grandeur to any interior design setting.

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