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Purple Mauve Eggplant Rugs – Violet, the color, represents the uniquely creative daydreamer in everyone, psychologically. Often referred to as purple, mauve, or eggplant; violet hues can calm emotions and allow the viewer to think clearly and internally while accessing a deeper, more enlightened, and authentic thought. As a spiritual hue, it can also provoke feelings of selflessness and humility, which is why it is used in some religions. Different shades can make a viewer feel a plethora of emotions. Light, pastel purple can evoke feminine and romantic feelings. While bright purple hues are historically linked to royalty because of the expense purple garments used to yield, due to the dying process.

Creating the color purple can be easy, purple dyes can be derived naturally by plants and berries. One of the best ways to get a natural violet dye is to use crushed blackberries. You can also create a dye bath with your plant or berry of choice, by boiling it with water. Elderberries and grapes (the darker, the more pigmented) work well in a dye bath. Basil, a popular spice for food, can also produce purple dyes in a dye bath. Red maple bark, also accredited for maple syrup, can produce violet hues and can be used in a dye bath, as well. The sweet gum tree’s bark will produce a dark purple, almost black, dye bath. A rich purple dye can be attained by a red cabbage.

Area antique rugs can be used to incorporate the color purple into any room. Area rugs are an easy way to bring focus and add comfort to any room. Area rugs can also subtly change the ambiance in a room, without the viewer even knowing. Purple rugs should be used in home decor because they can promote feelings of self assurance, confidence and leadership while also demanding respect from visitors. Violet rugs can add elegance and luxury to a room in one quick and easy step. Light purple rugs should be used in bedrooms because they can evoke romantic and sensual feelings. Also, violet area carpets can create inspiration for the viewers’ creativity, making them a really good addition to any office or work space.

Decorating with Purple Rugs

Purple is a color that has many different faces when it comes to contemporary decorating. It is a color that is associated with royalty, and in a modern interior, saturated jewel-tone purple always adds a bit of surprise. When paired with other rich colors, it can create a look that exotic, and that has a global character.

A touch of eggplant makes a statement and is a lovely touch for adding a splash of color to a neutral room. However, purple also has a more earthy side that is expressed in gentle mauves and lilacs. This side of the spectrum evokes a feeling of nature and spring flowers. A touch of lilac paired with creams and a hint of aubergine create a feeling that is romantic and feminine.

Purple Vintage Rugs Interior Design Nazmiyal

Vintage rugs with purple tones are beautiful in interior design.

Bringing elements of the natural world indoors is a trend that continues to gain momentum in the world of interior design. Purples add life to a neutral palette of gray and white. Layers of color in different hues is another trend that is featured this year. You can mix grape with a radiant orchid for a confident and sophisticated look. The key is in mixing patterns and textures to create a layered effect and using more intense colors sparingly to pull it off.

Regardless of the side of purple that you choose, it is typically a color that you associate with traditional décor. It is perfect for a Boudoir style bedroom or to add freshness to a classic style. However, designers are also using purples paired with metallics and bright white to create a look that is modern and artistic.

Purple has gone beyond the bedroom. Designers are even using it in unexpected places, such as a touch of plum in the kitchen paired with metallic accents and fixtures. Designers are thinking outside of the box when it comes to decorating with purple rugs and accents. Layers of purple, pink with ginger satins and silks, give the room an Asian look and worldly flavor. A few gold threads throughout gives it a bit of decadence.

Purple Rugs Decor Nazmiyal

Purple vintage rugs in interior design

Of course, a discussion about using purple in modern interiors would not be complete without mentioning using it as a layer in a Bohemian room. The eclectic nature of purple can transform a mixture of room styles and designs into a Boho chic sanctuary. If you add in a few plants, layer in some different patterns, and add a few natural touches, purple is the finishing touch for a relaxing space with a global feel.

Purple is one of the more versatile colors in the modern palette. Designers are using it to set the tone of the room. It can be bold and vibrant, or it can be calming and soft, depending on the tones that you choose. Persian rugs are a classic that is always in style, and recently, they are being used as the focal point of the room. Choosing a Persian or oriental rug in any range of purple is the perfect start to creating a space that expresses your personal style and makes the space stand out.

What natural carpet dyes are used to create each of these color shades: purple, mauve and eggplant colors?

Creating various shades of purple, mauve, and eggplant colors using natural carpet dyes involves using different plant-based sources and techniques.

Here are some examples of natural dyes that can be used to achieve purple, mauve and eggplant colors:

Purple color:
  • Logwood: Logwood is a tropical tree whose heartwood produces a purple dye. It can yield a range of purple shades depending on the mordants and processes used.
Mauve color:
  • Madder Root: Madder root can yield a range of colors from pale pink to deep red, including shades that fall into the mauve spectrum.
  • Elderberry: Elderberries can produce a light mauve or lavender hue.
Eggplant color:
  • Black Walnut: Black walnut husks can be used to create dark brown and deep purple-brown shades, resembling the color of eggplant skin.
  • Red Cabbage: Red cabbage contains pigments that can produce shades of purplish-blue, which can be adjusted to resemble eggplant hues with proper mordants and adjustments.

Achieving specific color shades with natural dyes can be a complex process that involves factors such as the choice of dye material, mordants (substances used to fix the dye to the fiber), pH levels, and dyeing techniques.

Experimentation and experience are often key to obtaining the desired colors. Additionally, colors obtained from natural dyes may have variations due to factors like the type of fiber being dyed and the specific growing conditions of the dye plants.

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