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The Calm, Cool, and Collected Addition of a Blue Rugs To Your Life and Home

Blue Rugs Home decor today is all about creating a space that uses an overabundance of neutral colors. It seems that paint colors as well as furnishings all share the neutral colors in the variation of either white or grey. This is why bringing in a color such as blue can help to create an inviting feeling to the room. The words soothing, comforting, and calming all come to mind when one thinks about this particular color. That’s due to the fact that blue has been psychologically proven to clear the mind and help one be able to focus more.

Think about the last time you were in a room that incorporated blue home decor. How did you feel? Chances are that the room itself brought about a tranquil and serene feeling due to tying in the color blue. Even a simple modern furnishing such as the use of a blue rug can make all the difference in the world. A mentally calming state is just one of the many positive psychological effects that stems from the color.

One might wonder how that vibrant blue color has even come to be in such products as a blue rug? This is done through the use of various types of dye. In order to create the dye for these products it requires specific plants and minerals to eventually produce the color blue. The Indigofera tinctoria is one of the most widely popular plants that helps to produce this dye.

This particular plant is especially well known for recreating that famous denim blue color that can be found all over the world. It’s a plant that is a perennial and must be kept in a warmer climate or the colder temperatures may in fact kill it. Isatis tinctoria or otherwise known as Woad is another plant that is a source to help create blue dye. Unlike Indigofera tinctoria this plant is more adaptable to all different climates. The leaves from this plant are what is used to help extract the color and create the blue dye.

Even among all of the wonderful psychological affects that a blue rug can bring, the fact remains that it can add great charm and character to the home. It can bring a pop of color into a room that is rather dull and accent the entire room. If the furniture that you have surrounding the rug is neutral colors, the addition of the blue rug can help to accent the pieces and make them stand out more.

For those interior decorated rooms that are lacking in size, the addition of blue rugs can make the room size look much larger than what it actually is. It does so by being the focal point of the room that immediately grabs a persons attention when they walk in. While other colors may not pair well with one another, regardless of what color furniture or interior decor you have in the room blue color antique rugs pair perfectly with most any other color.

Beautiful Blue Rugs and Carpets

Whether it’s in the details, or creating a sea-like effect, here are ten antique blue rugs to cool down any room…

The serenity of the color blue can give a room a wonderful sense of calm, and the use of blue rugs is a beautiful way to incorporate this aqua color. Here are ten carpets with various amounts and shades of blue from soft, light, powder blues, to deep, bold, midnight blues.

Blue Rugs By Nazmiyal

Blue Rugs

However different they may be, from Persian antique carpets, to Swedish kilim rugs, the serenity of blue is what these antique carpets have in common.

The Beauty Of Blue Vintage Rugs

Blue is a color that evokes ethereal, celestial imagery. It is the hue of our sky and the color of our planet. It is a color so powerful that we even use it to describe feelings of sadness and solemnity.

Vintage Swedish Kilim Blue Rug By Marianne Richter For Marta Maas by nazmiyal

Vintage Swedish Kilim Blue Rug By Marianne Richter For Marta Maas #49576

Ironically, this universal tinge that also evokes a strong feeling of calm and tranquility, had an enigmatic entrance in to our material world. It is a complex history comprising everything, from nature, to geography, snobbery, fashion, and aesthetics.

The Power Of Blue Color

Unbeknownst to many, blue is a color with a distinct personality. Blue in one of the primary colors. By adding different pigments to it, the blue will begin to acquire a powerful tint of its own. These newly created color shades can be applied to everything, with each shade bringing in its own type of energy.

The different shades of blue evoke different yet deeper emotions. An aqua blue is associated with the ocean, while a royal blue is related to heads of state and policies. A powdery, “baby” blue links us to images of nostalgia and innocence, while a playful, electric blue is evocative of our younger, more energized selves.

The power of blue can make or break an entire pattern of decoration, with the right blue being essential in the creation of the perfectly conceived ambiance and atmosphere. Just think what would happen if you were to choose the “wrong” shade of blue for a life event such as a wedding, for example. One drop in shade can change the entire tone of the event!

Even worse, think about using the wrong blue in any artistic scenery. How would an electric blue look in the decoration of a traditional High Afternoon English tea? Not very British, is it?

Have you also noticed that, while all colors have a bright, fluorescent version of themselves, only the blue color can be considered “electric”!

Blue in vintage rugs

Now that the importance of the right shade of blue has been established, think about using the color at a larger, more decorative scale. Rugs, particularly vintage rugs, are floor coverings that are already expected to be unique in origin.

Blue Chinese Rug #49272 by nazmiyal

Blue Chinese Rug #49272

Whether Chinese, Persian, Moroccan, or Scandinavian, all vintage rugs that feature the color blue will look different based on their origin. Each country has its tradition of rug weaving and using patterns and these practices take into account the different shades of blue in their rugs.

All of these are important pointers to consider when looking for the perfect blue vintage rugs for your home’s decor.

Creating Vintage and Antique Rugs With Blue Dyes Using Indigo

This natural blue dye is originally from India. It is one of the most ancient pigments known to man. However, it did not gain popularity in Europe until the Renaissance period, when the “New Word” was discovered and new network routes for trading opened throughout the different continents.

Indigofera Tinctoria flower and Indigo Color Dye by Nazmiyal

Indigofera Tinctoria flower and Indigo Color Dye

For the first time in our history, the route to Asia allowed for a whole world of new things to enter Europe. It comes to no surprise that the advent of indigo, with its deep sapphire dramatic tones, brought the royals to their knees, demanding its use in all things enjoyed by the “upper classes”.

In addition to this, indigo was comparably of a much higher quality than the woad-based, pastel-blue type pigment available in Europe at the time. In a dramatic contrast, indigo brought with it a brighter, stronger hue, not to mention a much more exotic and intriguing origin which the higher classes were fascinated with.

When acquiring blue vintage rugs, remember that naturally made indigo is the highest quality dye for the blue color. Having indigo in vintage blue rugs means that the maker followed a practice that dates back to the 15th century.

By acquiring an Indigo blue vintage mid century rug, you are, in essence, connecting the distant and recent pasts to the present.

Without a doubt, blue is an integral part of our daily lives as well as our self expression. So when planning your next interior design project, make sure to add some blue in a way that reflects and showcases your personality the best.

Decorating with Blue Rugs

In recent years, blues from barely blue to midnight are making their way into a range of contemporary design trends. This year, colors that are reminiscent of nature are among the more popular color trends. Blue can bring reflections of water or sky that pair naturally with mint greens and lemony yellows. Now, adding interest is about more than just the wall color, and a blue rug can add a bit of drama. Blues combined with saturated crimson, spicy red pepper, and earthy brown create a grounded and well-curated look in the room.

The best thing about decorating with blue rugs is that you can mix and match colors and shades in the room for a layered effect. Classic milky blues and robin egg are popular colors for master bedrooms this year. Mixing in a few natural wood tones and nature-inspired baskets completes the look and brings a bit of the organic world indoors.

Blue Rugs Interior Design Nazmiyal

Blue rugs in interior design

Blue automatically transforms the room like no other color can do. It is one of the most versatile colors for contemporary design. Aqua with brilliant oranges and mauves creates a vibrant Boho chic feel. Deeper blues are stately and dignified, perfect for a library or study. Blue and white, in any tone, create a classic, clean feel in the room. Lighter ocean blues with white sand and neutrals create a coastal feel, while deep navy can create a composed, classic look.

This year, the only thing out is the rules about combining patterns and tone. Picking up bits of blue throughout the room makes it look open and airy. Whether your style is traditional and refined, or colorful and contemporary, you can find a blue rug to match your mood and set the tone for the space. A classic blue Persian rug in a monochromatic blue space can create a room that is charismatic and soulful. New York apartment dwellers love to pair blue rugs with brick walls for an updated look.

Blue is a color that has a place in traditional interior design, ultra-modern, and everything in between. It is the perfect way to add a bit of color to a minimalist room without going over the top. Decorating with a blue rug is a satisfying experience, and it is a color that makes it easy to pull the look together in any space. Blue is a color that never goes out of style, and designers continue to find fresh, new ways to use it.

Blue Rugs for a Blue Interiors

It’s a color that is simply timeless, adored throughout all eras of interior design in one form or another. Blue is classic and universal. It can be used in gentle, light shades for a soothing, zen interior, or in bold, bright shots of color for energy and playfulness. It can look smart in a home office, and clean in the kitchen. You can play it up for the kids’ rooms, and tone it down for the relaxing bedroom. There is virtually nowhere that you can use blue in your interior decor that it won’t look perfect, and that’s why we love a blue interior so much.

This season, choose a shade of blue that compliments your existing decor and shows your true colors. The modernist with contemporary furniture may want to opt for a bold statement of cobalt.

If you have an old-school, stately interior with dark stained wood and lots of bookshelves, try Tiffany Blue to tie the vintage feel together. If your space is nautical and preppy, consider shades of navy. Feeling contemporary and modern? A splash of teal in accent decor works perfectly for just that. Whichever shade you end up choosing, you can’t go wrong with the most classic, universally adored color out there.

Blue Interior Design Accents Nazmiyal

Pops of blue in interior design.

Wondering how to incorporate beautiful blue into your design in the trendiest way? We’ve rounded up some ideas on what’s in right now and how to use rugs in your beautiful blue interior.

Cobalt Blue Interior Design

The color cobalt blue has been popping up in fashionable homes everywhere lately. Magazines, designers, and blogs are abuzz about it. Celebrities are making appearances wearing cobalt blue, and the color appeared in multiple fall fashion collections.

Popular interior designers such as Claire Brody have declared that “vibrant blue is back”. All of this means that cobalt blue as a pop of color is definitely a trend that will stick around for the time being.

So what makes cobalt blue the hottest flavor of the season? Somewhere between bright blue and navy blue, it is a vibrant yet subdued color. It goes perfectly with white, silver, grey, black, brown and beige. This makes it a great accent color.

Cobalt Blue Interior Design Nazmiyal

Cobalt blue is a beautiful interior design color.

Antique Rugs with Modern Furniture

The eclectic look is increasing in popularity and you will see a lot of it this fall, especially in interior design and decoration. One trend you will not be able to miss is the pairing of antique rugs with modern, industrial furniture. Representing two different eras, the old and the new, they perfectly complement each other to create a sophisticated yet warm look.

While modern, industrial furniture perfectly combines simple aesthetics with functionality, it is often viewed as lacking in warmth. That’s where antique rugs come in. With their colorful and intricately woven patterns and motifs, which often tells stories of faraway lands from days gone by, antique rugs add an air of warmth and history. They also add class and elegance to the décor.

Antique Rugs and Modern Furniture Nazmiyal

Pair antique rugs (and pops of blue!) with modern furniture.

Look for antique Persian, Turkish and Caucasian rugs paired with both high-design mid century modern furniture and contemporary industrial designs.

Modern Geometric Prints in Blue

Are you a fan of geometric prints? If you are, then you are in luck because mod geometric prints are going to be everywhere this season. Even if you aren’t a fan yet, you will become one because they are stylish, clean, and add dimension to your decoration.

Blue Interior Modern Geometric Nazmiyal

Blue geometrics are modern and fun.

While floral design prints have made a big comeback lately, this season, get ready to see them replaced by color blocked geometrics and tessellations. Mod geometric prints are great for everything from rugs, cushions and upholstery, to furniture and walls.

Here are some perfect blue rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection:

Blue Vintage George Earl Ortman Art Rug Nazmiyal

Blue Vintage George Earl Ortman Art Rug

Blue Square Silk and Wool Garo Antreasian Art Rug Nazmiyal

Blue Square Silk and Wool Garo Antreasian Art Rug

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