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Green Rugs are Restorative, And You Can Bring Them Home

Green Rugs – There are many types of green, and the names are often reminiscent of serenity in nature. Cool, lush woods, with pine trees and moss, fragrant herbs found in a garden, or the green of an olive tree all invoke the peace that nature can bring. But it’s not just the symbolic associations with life that make green a great color to have in your home; the color green has many positive effects the mental state of people. There’s even research to support that green is good for you and has a restorative effect.

According to the article, Green is Good for You, written by Rebecca A. Clay and published by the American Psychological Association, seeing green can restore mental energy by allowing people to tap into a mental state that researchers, Dr. Rachel Kaplan and her husband Dr. Stephen Kaplan, call fascinated attention. By tapping into this type of attention, people experience more positive and happy moods and less negative emotions. Furthermore, even representations of nature can boost positive feelings.

There are several ways that green dyes are made, including natural dyes. Although many dyes are non-natural, there are some carpet dyes that are actually made with plants and minerals. Green is a color that is most often made by combining a yellow natural dye with a blue natural dye. For instance, a green dye from the middle ages combined yellow dyes, which were fairly easy to make, with woad, a plant with leaves that, when dried and powered, could be made into a blue dye. There have been several other methods of dying fibers green, all involving yellow dye and some other blue to make green. Some currently used plants and minerals to make green include: spinach, chamomile, nettle, and the mineral, chromium.

Today, while going out into nature is still the best remedy for mental fatigue, you can bring the restorative benefits of green into your home decor. Actual nature is ideal, but bringing the color into the home will still add benefits to the mental clarity that you feel every day. Antique rugs are a great item in home decor that can have a large impact in a room. Imagine bringing the serenity of nature into your living room, bedroom, or any other part of the house that you would like to feel more peaceful in. People have been drawn to green, and have felt restored by it for centuries, but now research is supporting what we’ve all felt for years.

Decorating with Trendy and Contemporary Green Carpets

A Persian rug in green takes advantage of two key style trends that are making headlines. First, Persian rugs are finding their way into many contemporary styles. Rugs no longer play a supporting role in design trends. They take center stage. Decorators use the rug as a tone setter of the entire room and as inspiration for your furniture and accessories. A green rug is the perfect way to give the room a fresh and soothing look.

The second major trend that is making headlines is using colors that are nature-inspired and that evoke the peacefulness of the organic world. Major paint manufacturers feature colors with names such as “Back to Nature,” “Meadow Green,” and “Creamy Mushroom.” Being in nature has a way of making us feel connected and less stressed, which is the feeling that trendsetters were trying to evoke with this year’s favorite color scheme.

There are few rooms where a green Persian or tribal rug would not be the perfect fit. It is a versatile color for any room, from bedrooms to bathrooms and kitchens. Greens in more saturated, jewel tones give the room an exotic Asian-inspired look. A floral Persian rug fits in well with a garden theme. Of course, the perfect complement is other nature-inspired colors such as cream, golden yellow, rust, and the colors of spices. Of course, plants and natural woods will complete the look.

The best part about decorating with greens is that you can mix and match them throughout the space. They do not have to be the same tone. This creates a layered effect that enhances the natural ambiance of the space. Bright green is almost a necessity in a Boho chic room to complement the abundant plant life and other tribal elements.

Green is calm and soothing, but it also has a side that is a bit more ultra-modern and dramatic, too. Paired with black and white and furniture that uses simple, clean lines, green can create a modern space without losing its earthy appeal. This is a unique twist on using the standards such as white and black, or black and red, to create an intensity in a room. If you layer in a few greys and a green carpet, a black and white room takes on a softer and more composed look that is a bit gentler than black and white alone.

Green Toned Rug Interior Design Nazmiyal

Interior design with a shabby chic green-toned rug.

If you automatically think of nature when you think of green, then you are right on track with today’s color trends. A green Persian rug is a perfect beginning to a room that recreates the calm serenity of being in nature. When it comes to decorating, green is always a safe bet this year and will be for many years to come.

Why is green such a hard area rug color to create in vegetable dyes?

If you have been out rug shopping and are on the hunt to find the perfect green area rugs for you home, you probably noticed that green is a very rare color in area rugs.

Rug dealers may have told you that green is a “religious” color in Islam an that is why green color area rugs are so hard to come by. But that is not the real reason. The truth is that creating a true and pleasant shade of green color using vegetable dyes for area rugs can be quite challenging.

Here are a few reason why green is such a difficult rug color to create with natural dyestuff:

  • Limited Natural Sources: Unlike some other colors like red, blue, or yellow, there are relatively few natural sources of green dyes available from plants. Many plants that produce green dyes tend to yield yellow or brown shades when used alone.
  • Chemical Complexity: The color green is often the result of a combination of blue and yellow pigments. Achieving this combination with natural dyes requires finding plants that contain both blue and yellow colorants and then carefully manipulating the dye extraction and application processes to achieve the desired shade of green.
  • Dye Stability: Green dyes obtained from natural sources can be less stable and fade more quickly than other colors when exposed to light, moisture, or other environmental factors. This can make it challenging to create long-lasting and consistent green hues in vegetable-dyed rugs.
  • Color Variability: Even when using the same plant sources, the resulting green color can vary widely depending on factors such as the specific plant variety, growing conditions, and dye extraction methods. This variability makes it difficult to achieve consistent and predictable green shades.
  • Mordanting Process: Many natural dyes require mordants (chemicals that help bind the dye to the fibers) to create vibrant and lasting colors. Mordanting for green dyes can be particularly tricky, as some mordants may shift the resulting color towards yellow or brown.
  • Art and Skill: Creating a desired color using natural dyes is an art that requires a deep understanding of the properties of different plant materials, the chemistry of dye extraction and fixing, and the interaction between dyes and fibers. Achieving a true and stable green color involves a high level of skill and expertise.
  • Market Demand and Availability: Due to the challenges of creating consistent and vibrant green colors with vegetable dyes, manufacturers may opt for more readily available synthetic dyes to meet market demands for a wide range of colors. Synthetic dyes offer greater control over color and can often produce more vibrant and stable green shades.

In summary – it is possible to create green colors using vegetable dyes. But the challenges lie in the limited natural sources, the complexity of achieving the desired hue and the need for expertise in dyeing techniques to produce consistent and long-lasting results. Therefore you may need to pay more or even custom order your area rug if you have your heart set an a green rug for your home.

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