Cream Brown Antique Oversized Persian Khorassan Rug 41975


Size: 15 ft 4 in x 23 ft 8 in (4.67 m x 7.21 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Graceful spiral vinescrolls with palmettes, curling leaves , and small flowers spread across the field of this stunning antique Oriental Khorassan from Persia.

Beautifully Decorative Cream Brown Antique Oversized Persian Khorassan Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1920’s  — Subtle sky blue color accents blend beautifully with the earthy browns and cream of this magnificent antique Persian Khorassan rug. The harmonious use of soft subtle earth tones creates a gentle and peaceful feel in this antique Persian carpet that is reminiscent of the tranquility of a palace garden. The antique oversize carpet that uses an Islimi design would make an excellent main attraction that is understated in its use of color, yet elegant in its well executed large scale design.

The antique rug features somewhat of central focal point but feel more like a non restricting an all over design pattern. That said, the center of this antique oversized Persian Khorassan rug does provide a sense of order by enhancing both horizontal and vertical symmetry.

The four quadrants of this magnificent decorative rug are framed by a border that features a contrasting yet complimentary background to the field. The floral lotus patterns, stylized leaves and other prominent floral motifs tell the story of the tribal origins of the rug.

The design motifs throughout the field and border of the rug are similar in scale and color tone. The arrangement appears to be random, at first. As one begins to look at the rug, complex geometric patterns within patterns begin to emerge, creating a an endless source of interest as one explores the intricacies of the design.

This antique oversized Persian Khorassan rug demonstrates a mastery of artistic design through the use of patterns within patterns while using only a simple palette of colors. Although this antique Oriental rug could easily be the centerpiece of a room’s interior decor, it would also be happy as an accent piece that pays homage to other fine pieces in a collection. Regardless of how or where one chooses to use and display this wonderful piece, it is sure to impart a soothing zen like feel of calmness and tranquility.

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