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Yellow Gold Rugs – The color yellow represents warmth, optimism, and mental stimulation. The most luminous and bright of all the colors on the spectrum, yellow attracts attention and energizes the mind. Yellow and gold have an uplifting, cheerful, and clarifying effect on people and can even activate memory and improve concentration.

The color of sunshine and happiness, yellow can be used to add enlightenment, freshness, optimism, and positivity to any atmosphere. A dull environment can be transformed into a stimulating and exciting domain by adding some yellow into the mix. Surrounding yourself with yellow and gold can also get your creative juices vitalized and flowing.

The color yellow can be derived from several different sources. Turmeric and saffron are commonly used to create yellow and gold dyes. Yellow pigments can also be created from the minerals crocoite and Bindheimite. A natural clay pigment called ochre can also be used to create pigments of yellow, red, and purple.

Adding a yellow or gold rug to your room can instantly liven up a dull decor and will bring a pop of color into your home. Darker rooms or hallways with no windows can gain a new life with the use of bright, intense vibrant color shades of yellow. This shade is the color of luminosity and light, and a saturated hue of yellow can give the illusion of warmth and brightness.

Muted or lighter shades of yellow can be used to add a peaceful, sunny feel to a room or home decor. Buttery tones of yellow and gold can add a fresh pop of color and vibrancy without being too overwhelming. Deep yellows combined with colors like gray and deep purple can provide an air of sophistication to your home decor. Golden yellows work especially well in kitchens that contain natural wood cabinets or flooring.

Yellow gold rugs are a good way to incorporate color into your home without being too overpowering. More subtle than painting the walls or furniture, colored antique rugs are perfect for that bright, cheerful dose of happy rug color that you desire. Yellow rugs also pair well with a variety of neutral tones. Colors such as orange, red, purple, and green also mix well with yellows and golds.

Gold Rugs: Golden Age Decor for Good Vibes

What makes gold rugs the golden child of antique textiles? Everything their color palette symbolizes! From Turkish Oushak rugs to the Art Deco Rugs of the Golden Age, let us explain why they’re as good as gold…

Throughout history, gold has been associated with greatness, goodness and success. It is the element awarded to the victorious, associated with divine principals and everything not of this earth. For instance, the heights of civilization are considered, ‘The Golden Age’. Even Aristotle used it to symbolize The Golden Mean : the desirable middle between two extremes.

So it is safe to say that anything gold or of a golden hue comes with an abundance of good vibes. And what better way to achieve this victorious look of goodness than with a gold colored area rug?


The Golden Age Of Gold and Yellow Area Rugs

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