Antique Dragon Design Mongolian Rug 72319

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Size: 10 ft 3 in x 11 ft (3.12 m x 3.35 m)

Magnificent Antique Dragon Design Mongolian Rug, Country Of Origin: Mongolia, Circa Date: 1880 – Mongolian rugs hold a unique place in carpet history, and this one with its blue dragon and Chinese-influenced design, is an exquisite piece to add to an Asian-themed room. Compared to the rest of the weaving industry in other parts of the world, few Mongolian carpets were created, making them a rare commodity. This rug is a gorgeous piece that will bring elegance to any room.

Many scholars believe that Chinese-influenced rugs were created by Chinese artisans living in Mongolia at the time. You will often find Chinese and Buddhist symbols, often recreated in a more simplified form than you find in similar rugs from those areas. Mongolian rugs stand out in their tribal-like simplicity and earthy color schemes. They were often created using browns and blues with occasional brighter accents.

Mongolian culture is one filled with ancient folklore and mythology. The dragon is an interesting topic in Mongolian folklore, particularly in relation to this rug. Dragons are found in Mongolian folklore, but they more often appear as snakes without legs. Many of the dragons depicted in Mongolian artwork were borrowed from, or introduced by, Chinese artisans.

The blue dragon depicted on this rug is in a more traditional Chinese style. It alludes to the mythology surrounding the blue, or azure, dragon. The blue dragon is a representation of spring, the East, and new beginnings. Blue is a representation of the daytime sky, and brown often symbolizes the earth. The clouds surrounding the dragon represent the heavenly realms.

The blue dragon is a magical creature and is considered a guardian that is often found at the entrances of tombs. The blue dragon brings peace and represents the element of water. It also symbolizes generosity, independence, and open-mindedness. This rug is the culmination of a millennium of folklore and myth. It is a rare and fascinating piece and an essential for your Chinoiserie or Asian decor.

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