Antique Geometric Trellis Design American Hooked Rug 50558


Size: 8 ft 9 in x 11 ft 10 in (2.67 m x 3.61 m)

Unusual And Rare Room Size Antique Geometric Trellis Design American Hooked Rug , Weaving Country / Origin: America / USA, Rug Weaving Date: 1920 – This antique American rug features a pattern of tessellated, diamond-shaped tiles, their edges jagged and worked tightly together like a jigsaw puzzle. The figures are shaded in earthy tones from a pale wheat yellow to a coffee brown, colored seemingly at random and separated by black line-work.

Many of the tiles are decorated with dashed lines, which create a map-like appearance across the antique American hooked rug. Some tiles bear red flowers or tri-fold fronds, and others hold lovely pink flowers on green, leafy stems. In this beautiful antique rug from the USA we find a light border of curling leaves, each touching the next, encircles the pattern, leading to a dark brown background.

Profound artistry and flawless geometrical symmetry contrast strikingly with the gentle folk art style of this stunning American area carpet. Created utilizing the traditional hooked rug method, the piece is a flawless example of early century textile art. Geometry flows across the entire piece; sharp, symmetrical geometry is rendered in earthy hues of cream, sandy brown, pale yellow, and black. Charming pastel depictions of spring blossoms overlay the pattern, softness serving to both temper and emphasize the strict geometry of the design. Bold and artistic, this fascinating piece ensures a singular decorative statement.

These specific types of antique rugs were rarely woven in larger room sizes. So it is very exciting to come across a hooked rug of this size that is also one of the more beautiful area rugs of its kind. For people of who love and collect Americana, the antique American hooked rugs are probably the best rugs they could ever hope to find for their home’s interior design. while this specific rug would work seamlessly in any American Colonial interior design, the softer colors and beautiful geometric design would make it rather easy to place this rug in almost any setting and any room in your home.

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