Brown Antique Oriental Oversized Indian Agra Area Rug 41340


Size: 15 ft 2 in x 23 ft 8 in (4.62 m x 7.21 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

This palatial antique Oriental carpet from Agra in India has a trellis design of palmettes and rosettes set dramatically on a rich deep brown field.

Beautiful Large Scale Design Brown Antique Oriental Oversized Indian Agra Area Rug , Country Of Origin: India, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – A combination of reds and rich chocolate browns create a spectacular explosion of color on this antique Indian Agra rug. This large antique Indian rug is of palatial scale and would make the perfect addition to any room that needs a centerpiece that will stand out as an exquisite piece of artwork on its own. This palace oversized rug features a beautiful larger scale all over design that is framed by a complex series of encompassing border.

The overall design in the field of the of this magnificent antique Oriental rug is dominated by a garden of flowers in jewel tone rug colors that are set against a background of rich earthy brown. This brown antique Oriental oversized Indian Agra rug features a symbolic representations of the peony, lotus flower and stylized leaves. Each of these symbolic design patterns holds a special meaning in the hearts of the people who created this beautiful example of textile art.

The use of symmetry, both vertically and horizontally, reminds us of the patterns and cycles that seem to be continually changing, but yet have a sense of order in their overall design. The use of rhythm and patterns in this impressive antique rug create a sense of balance and harmony throughout the entirety of this beautiful piece.

An impressive statement is created through the sequence and richness of the colors combined with the bold large scale pattern of this gorgeous brown antique Oriental oversized Indian Agra rug.  This oversized Indian Agra rug will make a treasured heirloom. It is the kind of piece that will garner much love and attention from whoever will see it. It will add a magnificent backdrop to in any home or office interior design that has a space grand enough to accommodate it.

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