Trendy Color Combinations for Interior Design

The Best Color Combinations for Home Decor in 2020

If you’re decorating any part of your home, you’re probably interested in the current design trends and trends in color. Choosing the right color combination is key to making your interior design look perfect. Read on to see some of our favorite color combinations for this year that will leave your home looking perfect.

Peach and Blue

First on the list is the stunning combination of peach and blue (or mint, turquoise, or other variations of blue if you’re feeling creative). Peach is a derivative of orange. On the color wheel, blue and orange are complementary colors, so you can be sure that not only is this combination objectively beautiful, but it scientifically goes together. This combination is more timeless than some of the other color combinations on the list. A muted, earth tone color mixed with a bright primary color is a trend that has shown up in some form or another for the past years. Whichever way you choose to incorporate it into your design, you can be sure it’s a beautiful look.

Peach and Blue Color Combinations Interior Nazmiyal

Peach and blue interior design

Sapphire and Cream

More classy than playful, deep sapphire and soft cream is a stunning combination we’ve been seeing a lot of already in 2020. Jewel tones are seeing a resurgence in popularity in the recent months. Rich sapphire is not excluded from this trend. When combined with creamy off-white, the space feels fit for royalty. In color psychology, blue is known for being peaceful, as well as associated with intelligence. Powerful, deep blue hues like sapphire are perfect for an inspiring home office.

Sapphire and Cream Color Combinations Interior Nazmiyal

Sapphire and cream interior design

Gold and Moss

Another royal color combination is metallic gold and mossy forest green. Earth toned greens like sage and moss have been wildly popular in interior design recently. Expand on this trend and take it from organic to polished by combining your green tones with gold decor accents. This stunning color combination seems unexpected at first, but is unique and luxurious. Make the combination even more lavish by choosing luxe textures, such as velvet, to contrast beautifully with shiny metallic accents. This is the perfect color combo for the trendsetters and lovers of classic opulent styles.

Gold and Moss Color Combinations Interior Nazmiyal

Gold and moss interior design

Blush and Olive

Yet another of the color combinations for this year includes an earthy green tone. Muted, blush pink paired with earthy olive is an up and coming combination seen in the apartments and homes of many celebrities and trendsetters. This combination works best when it is used with lots of texture in the design. Incorporate lots of textiles into your space, like a shag rug, or a tapestry hung on the wall. Use tactile upholstery like velvet or corduroy. Drape throw pillows and blankets, and add in visual texture from other materials like wood, iron, and gold and silver metallics. Use this combination for an earthy vibe with a trendy, feminine touch.

Blush and Olive Color Combinations Interiors Nazmiyal

Blush and olive interior design

These top color combinations all look stunning when used right in your space. Play around with different shades, amount of color, and textures until you find a look you love. If you need help finding the right rug for these color combinations, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts, or browse our curated choices below.

Rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection that are perfect for these color combinations:

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Antique Turkish Oushak Angora Rug

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Large Green Antique Spanish Savonnerie Carpet

Room Size Antique Blue Chinese Rug Nazmiyal

Room Size Antique Blue Chinese Rug

Large Antique Turkish Oushak Rug Nazmiyal

Large Antique Turkish Oushak Rug

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Antique French Art Deco Leleu Rug

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