New York Architectural Design Face Lift

New York Architectural Design

Well, well, well, here we meet again with the ongoing issue facing post-modern New York’ers and the anti-gentrification generation of city-dwellers. In one of my past posts, I slightly skimmed the surface of the futuristic face lift creeping up on what seems like every corner of New York City. These days, the average slice-of-pie eating, get-out-of-my-way-attitude wielding, and fashion savvy tote bag and boat shoe wearing New York’er can’t seem to walk down a single street without seeing some serious scaffolding surrounding a skyrocketing structure of steel and style. (Holy alliteration on that sentence, Batman!)

New York Architectural Design - Nazmiyal

New York Architectural Design

We, New York’ers, have been bombarded with newly constructed buildings that give the term “Po-Mo” a new meaning. It’s as if we live in a constant game of Guess Who? or are wandering the streets asking ourselves, Where’s Waldo? If you have ventured outside of your brownstone, walked past your doorman, or even stepped foot outside of that colonial-style townhome, you have definitely seen the new  New York, clad with high-rises offering a plethora of services that would put a Korean day-spa to shame.

Check out these New York City buildings:

New York Architectural Design - New Museum - Nazmiyal

New York Architectural Design – New Museum

New York Architectural Design - One Jackson Square - nazmiyal

New York Architectural Design – One Jackson Square

With these newly constructed buildings on the rise which are no doubt absolutely stunning, how do we still support the heart and soul of New York architecture and design? Is there truly a place for these fabulously chic apartment buildings with indoor pools, state-of-the art gyms, and dry cleaning and laundry facilities that abolish even the slightest notion of sending your clothes out for cleaning? For me, it’s a tough call.

Personally, every single time I walk down a street and see a newly constructed apartment building, I squeal like a giddy school girl, point, and declare how one day that apartment will be mine. On the other hand, I see these buildings sandwiched smack dab in the middle of an iconic brownstone slice of bread and another slice of ivy-covered town home, and I wonder whether these nouveau chic buildings actually make sense in the concrete jungle. Is it time to change the jungle we know and love or do we say take a hike to these big guys?

Ladies and gents, what are your thoughts? Comment away!

This architecture blog was published by Nazmiyal antique rugs in New York City.

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