Feng Shui Independence Day Table Setting!

Feng Shui Table Setting Design In Time For Independence Day!

The time has come to dust off the Weber grill and place it back on the rooftop deck or just whip out that George Foreman from the deep recesses of the kitchen cupboard. Either way, you better get those hot dogs, burgers, and ahi tuna sliders ready for copious amounts of red, whites, and blues that will make your heart sing “America, the Beautiful” on repeat.

The dilemma of the day is how do you throw that perfect backyard BBQ without your spread looking like an ad straight out of Wal-Mart.com?

Feng Shui that Independence Day

Feng Shui that Independence Day

Well, the days of blue and white gingham picnic table cloths are done and over. There is nothing that screams kitsch like plastic tumblers adorned with peeling flag decals or star-spangled paper plates. Please, for the sake of the nation, leave the amateur holiday decor for the likes of Food Network’s very own Sandra Lee.

I’m sure she will whip up some semi-homemade frozen apple pie paired with a sub-par table spread that will undoubtedly match her curtains. This holiday season dress to impress with a modernist take on our country’s 235th birthday.

Feng Shui Table Setting Nazmiyal

Feng Shui Table Setting

Creating a modern flair on Independence Day is as easy as calling up Dean and Delucca to cater your summer bash. Try setting that table with a modern approach by spicing things up with a bit of an Asian flair. East meets West? Sure, why not! There is nothing that screams “bonsai” like adding natural elements to your outdoor adventure. For example, ditch the frilly doilies for some chic bamboo place mats.

Try adding zen stones to the table in a floral arrangement of orchids, place ’em in a wide-rimmed glass bowl and add the citronella candle (not only to set a summer chic mood but to fight off those invasive mosquitoes), or rock them on top of crisp cloth napkins to make sure those bad boys don’t fly into the wind like Tibetan prayer flags. For the full-on cultural enthusiast, 86 the chairs, cutlery, and bud light bucket full of cold brewskis, and create a feng shui spread with a table situated low to the ground, throw some pillows down for seating, add a dash of chopsticks, and serve up some fierce choice drinks like saketinis or lychee-infused cocktails.

4th of July Vintage Marta Maas Rug Flag by Nazmiyal

4th of July Vintage Marta Maas Rug Flag

Sure, this may kill the idea of decor a la Americana, but what better way to impress your party peeps than to offer them a shinto temple of deliciousness where everyone will soon be doing the “Mr. Roboto” and bobbing their heads to some J-Pop. Tie in this cultural extravaganza with our country’s favorite day of potato salad, cole slaw, and brats by sticking to the color scheme that Betsy Ross spent many an hour rocking away in a chair sewing strings of reds, whites, and blues.

Hoist that American flag, don a mandarin collared-shirt (please leave the Tommy Bahama Hawaiian print off the menu), and enjoy a day of booze, buddies, and good old fashioned barbecue.

This Design Blog Post about Feng Shui Independence Day Table Settings was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in New York City.

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