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Indoor Garden Spaces and Interiors

Interior Designs that Feature Indoor Garden Spaces

Inspirational Indoor Garden Spaces and Interior Designs

Indoor Garden Spaces – With colder months approaching as days become shorter, nights turn chilly, and warmer clothing being layered, nothing spruces up a space and deters our thoughts from the snow-pocalypses to come like bringing the outdoors inside.

One of the biggest trends in interior design and architecture is creating indoor garden and green spaces full of shrubbery, foliage, and water systems. Pairing these beautiful make-shift post-modern gardens in an industrial space really sets off a new wave of interior design combinations.

Commercial Interior Design with indoor Garden Spaces by Nazmiyal

Commercial Interior Design with indoor Garden Spaces

Trending the interior design industry as we head into the future makes creating spaces that are beautifully adorn akin to one’s own personal oasis. Whether you have that industrial loft fully equipped with cement floor and exposed air ducts or a naturalistic abode full of bamboo and balsa wood, dressing up your space with all natural trimmings is all the rage.

Why not go crazy and make that home a garden sanctuary?

Bathroom Interior Design With Indoor Garden Space by Nazmiyal

Bathroom Interior Design With Indoor Garden Space

Trimming you home with hedges, fresh bamboo, orchid gardens, and all kinds of plant-life will create a beautiful surrounding forgetting that you are surrounded by city lights, fast-zooming cars, and a cacophony of sirens and crying babies. Zen gardens adorned with Shinto shrines, sand pits, and rock gardens brings a nice little exotic twist of east meets west.

Interior Design With Indoor Garden Spaces by nazmiyal

Interior Design With Indoor Garden Spaces and A Tree

Remember, maintenance is key. Look into plants and flower beds that are easy to take care of where you won’t be ripping your hair out to keep alive. Plus, the last thing you need is a bed full of dead plants or even worse, your own little carnivorous Venus flytrap à la Little Shop of Horrors.

Interior Garden Space Interior Design by nazmiyal

Interior Garden Space Interior Design

This interior design blog post about Indoor Garden Spaces was published by: Nazmiyal Antique Rugs located in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, NY.

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