Home Decor and Interior Design Trends

Home Decorating and Interior Design Trends

Happy hump-day, ya’ll! What better way to spend that mid-week workday than looking at pretty pictures? Therefore we selected and number of them to share with you. These interior decorating projects are my top designs of the week.

These projects are showcasing modern kitchen designs with beautiful contemporary chic drop chandeliers, minimalist bedroom design that is black and white and winning all over, colorful boosts of retro-chic, and a throne-room fit for a king.

Mini bathroom Decoration - Nazmiyal

Mini Bathroom Decoration

Below, we have included some images of recent trends from the interior decorating world. As you can see, we picked a range of decorating styles, looks and actual rooms. Hope you like the below selection – we sure do!

Luxury Black and White Interior Design - Nazmiyal

Luxury Black and White Interior Design

Red Kitchen Interior Design - Nazmiyal

Red Kitchen Interior Design

Black and White Contemporary Bedroom Interior Design - Nazmiyal

Black and White Contemporary Bedroom Interior Design

Colorful Living Room Interior Design - Nazmiyal

Colorful Living Room Interior Design

Purple Luxury Bathroom Interior Design - Nazmiyal

Purple Luxury Bathroom Interior Design

Rough Luxe Interior Design Trends

It looks old, beat up and secondhand. But, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to look. Called Rough Luxe, this aesthetic is a new design trend that combines storytelling and raw elements to redefine the value of luxury.

“In this economy, people are buying less. But, they’re buying things that have more meaning,” says Sean Brennan, a strategist for global design and innovation consultancy, Continuum. In their latest trend forecast, they found Rough Luxe ideals have permeated everything from food to fashion to architecture.

Rough Luxe Interior Design Trends by Nazmiyal

Rough Luxe Interior Design Trends

Summed up, Rough Luxe is the sensorial experience we get from products that have the rough elements of originality. Their authenticity heighten’s the relationship of the owner to a level of pride. Of wanting to say, “Look what I have,” and to share the story behind it.

“Think of taking down a barn in New Hampshire, and making furniture from its wood,” Brennan explains. “The rough, unfinished style of the material has a history, a soul. That’s really important to people because it heightens their relationship with it.”

From farm-to-table food to reclaimed wood furnishings and aged flea market centerpieces, the Rough Luxe vibe is catching on almost everywhere. In the home, in particular, pieces that ooze authenticity are becoming the most sought after. At Nazmiyal, that trend has meant a renewed passion for antique rugs.

“People are starting to realize new rugs come in exactly the size and color they want, but they don’t have a soul,” says Nazmiyal’s Omri Schwartz. “There’s an inherit value and patina to antique rugs that you’d never get with a new rug.”

Dating back as far as the sixteenth century, antique and vintage rugs have a story rich in culture, craftsmanship and design. Each has an unrivaled individuality that is both worn and luxurious – the very essence of Rough Luxe.

No rules and no limits when it comes to mixing and matching antique decor: Interior Design Trends

Antique Decor and Interior Design Trends – If done properly and in good taste, interior designer Warren Sheets basically announced that there are no rules when it comes to mixing and matching antiques from various periods as one of the top interior design trends 2017. As he told House Beautiful, “No one will be interested in designing an entire space, let alone an entire home, with a strict period in mind.”

Interior Design Trends 2017 by Nazmiyal

Interior Design Trends 2017 – An Antique Persian Heriz rug has been incorporated with modern furniture in this beautiful Los Angeles home.

In fact, he feels it is more aesthetically compelling to create a look that smoothly incorporates pieces from the past with others that are modern. And we’re all for it! We love to see designers and clients incorporate antique rugs into their more modern decor themes.

Interior Design Trends 2017 by Nazmiyal

Interior Design Trends 2017 – A Persian Tabriz rug beautifully accents this gray and white modern living room.

For this trend, we see a lot of people using Antique Persian Rugs, so we’ve decided to show you how designers are doing it, with ten picks from the Nazmiyal Collection on how you can recreate the look!

Antique Trends In Interior Design

Explore some of Nazmiyal’s Antique Persian Tabriz and Heriz Rugs to recreate the antique look in your interior design.

The Best 2015 Design Trends for Spring, And The Rugs To Match

From bold to subtle, we’re sure at least one of these interior trends will speak to you, and Nazmiyal’s extensive inventory of antique and vintage carpets has on-trend rugs for every taste. Want even more inspiration? Visit our Spring 2015 Trend Pinterest boards!

1. Deep Cobalt Blue Interior Design

Cobalt Blue Interior Design Trends by Nazmiyal

Cobalt Blue Interior Design Trends

Deep Cobalt blue is a classic, but also feels very contemporary this Spring. It’s a great accent color that can make neutrals like white and grey really pop, but it can also hold its own against brighter colors like emerald and magenta. Below, we’ve assembled a collection of our favorite cobalt blue rugs and vintage carpets:

2. Earthy Sandstone Interior Design

Neutral Earthy Sandstone Interior Design by Nazmiyal

Neutral Earthy Sandstone Interior Design

Between grey and brown, earthy sandstone is the most popular and most sophisticated neutral this Spring. Rich taupe and warm, buttery browns elevate interior spaces with subtle elegance. The depth of the color keeps it elegant instead of boring.

3. Graphic Pops Interior Design

Graphic Art Deco Interiors by Nazmiyal

Graphic Art Deco Interiors

Contemporary designers have been drawing inspiration from the mid-20th century for several seasons, and this Spring, that trend takes on a pop-art twist. Look for bold, primary colors like red, blue, and yellow, accented with graphic pops of black and white. This look is clean, fun, and energizing! Below are several pop-inspired art deco rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection:

4. Moroccan Tribal Interior Design

Moroccan Interior Design Trends by Nazmiyal

Moroccan Interior Design Trends

The alluring style of North Africa has long been a favorite of bohemians, and this season, designers are drawing inspiration from tribal Moroccan designs. Warm neutrals like gold and rust pair spectacularly with the rhythmic tribal diamond patterning the region is known for. Finish off the room with copper accents and indigenous touches, and your home will feel sumptuous and exotic.

5. Rich Ochre Yellow Interior Design

Rich Ochre Yellow Home Interior Design Trends by nazmiyal

Rich Ochre Yellow Home Interior Design Trends

Yellow can be a tricky color to design with, but this season, acidic lemony yellows are being replaced by rich ochre and groovy mustard shades. This more subdued, deeper yellow makes a great accent color, especially when paired with deep grey, natural wood, and stark black.

The Biggest Interior Design Trends

These interior design trends are a great point of inspiration and will give you chic points of focus to consider when evaluating your home decor updates.

1. Bold Interior Design Patterns

2015 Design Trends by Nazmiyal

Left: Christian Siriano, 2015. Right: Liberty London Floral Print, 2015

This year, big, bold patterns are in style. From fashion to furniture design, the scale of pattern is growing — think big, bold botanicals, rather than the small ditsy florals of the past. In addition to Christian Siriano and Liberty of London, designers Thom Brown and Michael Kors also showed big, beautiful florals during their Spring 2015 presentations. Lush, colorful plant motifs will be popular in 2015, and will add rhythm and movement to interior spaces.

2. Smoky Neutrals Interiors

2015 Design Trends by Nazmiyal: Smoky Neutrals

Two takes on living rooms composed in smokey-neutrals.

Although chrome and white are perennially stylish neutral favorites, this year, designers are forecasting a warmer palette. Designer Jeff Andrews states, “I love combining soft gray walls with dark charcoal doors and a pale, grayish-white ceiling”. Andrews cites Sherwin Williams’ “repose gray” as a great color to draw inspiration from. Perhaps intended as complementary accent colors for this year’s Pantone Marsala, dove grey, smoky wood tones, and warm taupe bring coziness and style to the interior design landscape of 2015. Vintage Moroccan Rugs are a great starting point for this trend.

3. Industrial Minimalism Interiors

nazmiyal Design Trends 2015 Industrial

Industrial design accents in two ways.

The Industrial trend is still going strong in 2015. Think imposing steel furniture, exposed brick and wood accents, and funky-yet-functional furniture. Says designer Chris Sheffield, the industrial trend is about “mixing that environment with wood and upholstery fabric that makes you feel warm and comfortable, and tweaking it with something that feels a little rougher and rawer”.

The stark geometry and hard edges of this trend are softened and livened up by the bright, cheery colors and thick, luxurious pile of these charming Mid-Century Scandinavian rugs.

4. Indigo Blue Interior Design

2015 Interior Design Trends by Nazmiyal: Indigo

Chic Indigo Interiors

Is Marsala not quite your favorite color? Don’t worry, designers are predicting the return of deep indigo as a 2015 interior trend. It’s clean and modern paired with whites and greys, or opulent when paired with rich jewel tones like purple and green.

5. Quality Interiors

2015 Interior Design Trends by Nazmiyal

Nazmiyal Quality Guarantee

This year, we will see a continued effort by smart shoppers to purchase high-quality home goods made to last for years, rather than cheap look-a-likes. Consumers in 2015 will continue to embrace the quality of fine handmade products, such as our collection of wonderful antique and vintage rugs.

If you follow one design trend this year, make it this one: Products made with care and designed to last are always a better value than poorly constructed knock-offs. If your home decor could use a 2015 update, Nazmiyal’s collection of fine antique carpets should not be missed.

This interior design blog about the recent Trends in the world of interior decorating and design was published by Nazmiyal Rugs. The Nazmiyal Collection’s antique rug and carpet gallery is Located in The Heart Of Manhattan, New York City, New York.

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