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Embark on a journey through the fascinating world of rare rugs and carpets as we unveil the treasures of global craftsmanship and artistry. In this post, we’ll explore the exquisite beauty and cultural significance of some of the rarest and most sought-after rugs from around the world. From intricate designs to centuries-old traditions, join us as we unravel the stories woven into these extraordinary pieces of textile art.

What Is A Truly Rare Rug?

According to nearly every rug salesperson, online and offline, every carpet is a “rare” find. Indeed, some carpets truly are rare, priceless, masterpieces, but the question is: how do you see through the hype and know if the rug you are viewing is one of the truly rare rugs?

Rarest Area Rugs and Carpets in The World by Nazmiyal

Rarest Area Rugs and Carpets in The World

In this article, we will discuss some of the qualities and types of rugs that are considered to be rare finds by knowledgeable, reputable collectors and rug mavens. By no means is this a complete and definitive list of all the rare rugs of the world, but it is a good place to start.

Are Older Rugs Rare?

One of the factors that affect rug’s rarity is the age of the rug. The older the rug, the rarer it is. Antique rugs are made from natural fibers and dyes that eventually break down over time, regardless of how well they are cared for, and the best we can do is to slow down the march of time through proper care. A high-quality antique rug can be expected to last about 150 years, and we still have many examples from the late 19th century that are in good shape.

Image Of The Pile Pazyryk Rug - The Oldest Rug In The World by Nazmiyal

The Pazyryk carpet, the oldest rug in the world.

Are Antique Rugs In Good Condition Rare?

Condition is another factor that affects the rarity of antiques. Naturally, rug repair will affect the value and rarity. The farther back in time you go, the more condition comes into play for determining the carpet value and rarity. Some of the best-preserved carpets from the 17th century are housed in the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. With these rugs, It is not only the age of these pieces that make them rare; it is their well-preserved condition. There are very few carpets in existence from before the 17th century. Most of them are in museums and private collections and seldom come up for sale.

What Are Some Of The Rarest Rugs Woven By Master Weavers?

This is another term that is loosely thrown around by rug salespeople, but the truth is that not every carpet was produced by a master weaver. When a serious rug collector talks about a carpet by a master weaver, what they mean is a carpet produced by one of the recognized masters of the late 1800’s. These master weavers were highly trained designers who oversaw carpet production in their shops. They did very little of the actual weaving themselves. Finding a carpet produced by a master weaver is a rare find. Some of the master weavers include Ustad Mohtashem, Haji Jalili, Aboul Ghasem Kermani and a few others.

Persian Silk Tabriz Rug Nazmiyal

An antique Perisan silk Tabriz Haji Jalili rug.

Th Rare Mashahir Rugs

Mashahir carpets are an exceptionally rare group of carpets that have the faces of Iranian rulers and noblemen. The word Mashahir translates into “noblemen.” This group of antique Oriental rugs is an exceptionally fine weave, so much so that the details of the faces of the noblemen are recognizable. They also often contain script and words. They were typically only created to commemorate special occasions, or as special gifts, so few of them were ever created.

Antique Persian Kerman Mashahir Rug - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Antique Persian Kerman Mashahir Rug

Rare Rugs With Silk and Metallic Threads

Some of the most magnificent and rare carpets in the world are the carpets produced during the Safavid Dynasty in the 16th century. Even more special are those that use silk thread wrapped in metals such as gold, silver, and copper. These rare rugs (such as the antique Persian Souf rugs)are breathtaking, and there are very few of them surviving today. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has one of the largest collections of them in the world. These are now regarded as being among some of the rarest carpets in existence.

Rare Vase and Tree of Life Design Rugs

Antique Persian rugs using the vase designs and Tree of Life designs are highly desirable, and you do not see them often. Many of these pieces are in private collections. These carpets are extraordinary in their colors and designs. The Tree of Life design references the Garden of Eden and represents paradise. The vase pattern carpets that bring the most money at auction are those that contain the vase and sickle leaf pattern. The early Persian vase design carpets have been known to go for over $9 million at auctions such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Antique 17th Century Persian Vase Kerman Carpet Nazmiyal

Antique 17th Century Persian Vase Kerman Carpet

Rare Rugs With Patterns Named After Their Artists

During the Renaissance, painters often depicted carpets in their masterpieces. Some of these carpets are still in existence, while others only exist on the artist’s canvas.

Rare Antique Denmark Coronation Renaissance Rug - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Rare Antique Denmark Coronation Renaissance Rug

Carpets that are featured in paintings by these famous artists, like Holbein for example, and ones that use similar designs and patterns, are some of the rarest in the world.

Gentile Bellini in his Madonna and Child Enthroned - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in NYC

Renaissance Painting – Gentile Bellini in his Madonna and Child Enthroned

Rare Antique Animal Rugs

As Islam became a world power and expanded its territory, representations of animal motifs disappeared to be replaced by geometric designs. By the end of the 15th century, most animal carpets had disappeared from European paintings. One of the rarest groups of carpets is known as the “animal rugs.” It is believed that less than 10 survive today. Two were found in European churches, and one is known as the “Marby rug” and is located in a town in Sweden. A few more were found to be surviving in Tibetan Monasteries.

Marby Rug Rare Rugs Nazmiyal

The Marby Rug.

Rare Renaissance Artist Rugs

This is a group of carpets are similar to those depicted in the works of 16th-century artists such as Lorenzo Lotto. Some other carpets of this type include Holbeins, Bellinis, Crivellis and Memlings. Each of these designations refers to the type of carpets found in the paintings of these artists. They are the rarest of rare, and those that do exist are considered world treasures because of their historical importance. Unfortunately, actual carpets like those depicted in these paintings are exceptionally rare.

Bellini Carpets

These carpets are found in the paintings of Giovanni Bellini. They show the “keyhole” motif at the bottom of a larger figure.

Crivelli Carpets

These carpets found in the paintings of Carlo Crivelli. This carpet contains a complex sixteen pointed star with several divisions in different colors. Only two are known to exist, and they are located in Budapest.

Memling Carpets

These are the geometric carpets found in the paintings of Hans Memling, 1488-1490. One of the few of these examples is located in the Louvre.

Holbein Carpets

Holbein Carpets belong to a group of carpets that is subdivided into four sub-types. They are the most common designs found in paintings and are of Anatolian origin. Many of the motifs are still used in carpets today. They are considered classic, but few of the actual carpets exist.

Antique Holbein Rug Nazmiyal

Antique Holbein Rug From the MFA / Museum of Fine Art in Boston

Lotto Carpets

Lotto is rumored to have owned one of the carpets that he painted, but there is no physical proof. Only a handful of these carpets exist, but patterns of this type have been copied and reproduced all over the world. There are many bases on this motif, but actual Lotto carpets are rare. The term is sometimes used to describe modern rugs based on this style.

Rare Tribal Rugs from the Caucasus

The tribes of the Caucasus Mountains are some of the most sought after in the world, but there are only a few that stand out as rare. There are many common designs found on the market today, but there are a few tribes and patterns of note for their rarity. Some of these include:

The Truth Behind Rugs That Are Really Rare

The carpets included in this article are by no means a complete accounting of rare rugs. It represents examples of some of the most unique carpets in the world. The world of antique carpets is filled with certain catch-phrases such as “rare” or “master weaver,” “museum quality” and we hope that at this point, you know the true meanings of those words in relation to the body of carpets that are in existence today. There are truly rare carpets to be found, but it is all relative to the number of carpets of that type that exist.

In truth, every antique carpet is a rare and unique find. Seldom do you find any two antique rugs that are exactly the same. They all have a unique design and color combination that reflects the artistry of the designer. In the case of village carpets, the designer and weaver and the same, and each rug is like a piece of tribal art that has a special place in the world.

At Nazmiyal, our connections allow us to acquire some truly rare rugs from time to time. Search our rugs and carpets online to appreciate the artistry and beauty of every carpet in our collection.

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