Lady Gaga Fashion Line Launches

Newly Launched: Lady Gaga Fashion Line!

Yes, ladies and gents, we knew the day would come when Lady Gaga would serve us some serious style and launch a fashion line. That day is coming real soon as rumors are buzzing that the Mother Monster is teaming up with her kid sister, Natali Germanotta, to bring the world yet another celebrity induced label.

Lady Gaga Fashion Looks - Nazmiyal

Lady Gaga Fashion Looks

Lady Gaga has already taken over the fashion world with countless designers redefining their labels that would perfectly suit another Monster Ball. The question at hand is: will we be seeing meat dresses galore, cigarette sunglasses, coke-can rollers, and caution tape? The answer is no. (Too bad.)

Meat Dress by Lady Gaga Fashion Line - Nazmiyal

Meat Dress by Lady Gaga Fashion Line

Gaga’s younger sister is a “fashion designer on the rise.” Well, at least that’s what everyone is saying these days screaming about like banshees of the gossip world. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to have the biggest celebrity shaking her Bad Romance all over the world to really have a foot in the fashion industry.

Though, the Germanotta duo will not being serving avant garde gaga costume pieces. Instead, these sisters are taking celebrity classics and spicing them up with a modern twist. It’s where Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress and Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress will be made for today’s modern woman. Although, both these looks are classic staples, only time will tell what Gaga-esque embellishments will be gracing the catwalk.

Here’s a look at Lady Gaga’s fashion line from the past:

Lady Gaga Fashion Style Dress - Nazmiyal

Lady Gaga Fashion Style Dress

Poker Face By Lady Gaga Fashion Style - Nazmiyal

Poker Face By Lady Gaga Fashion Style

Lady Gaga Fashion White Dress At The Brit Awards - Nazmiyal

Lady Gaga Fashion: White Dress At The Brit Awards

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