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Silk and Metallic Threading Rugs

Beautiful and Fine Antique Silk and Metallic Threading Rugs

Antique Silk and Metallic Threading Rugs – Silk and metallic thread go very well together and have historically been used by various different cultures to create fine works of art. Pure silk rugs feature a very fine weave. They have significantly more knots per square inch than their wool or cotton counterparts, allowing for incredibly complex designs.

The detail work of these Oriental rugs is complemented by the gold or silver thread, giving these rugs a shimmering quality. Unlike their sturdier cotton and wool counterparts, these silk and metallic rugs are almost never meant to be placed on the floor. Their designs would degrade very quickly under frequent foot traffic, so instead they serve a function similar to tapestries. For this reason, rugs of this kind should be used as wall-hangings, table coverings or be displayed in another way that allows their beauty to shine.

Because silk, gold and silver were (and are) all historically very expensive materials, these rugs were almost always commissioned and owned by the aristocracy of their cultures. Unlike other rugs that might have served practical purposes and been seen as a necessity regardless of the owner’s class, these silk and metallic thread rugs were too pricey to ever be used as more than decoration. The fine weave and gold or silver highlights significantly raised the price of the piece of art, but were vital to its ultimate purpose, which was to advertise the owner’s wealth. For this reason rugs of this nature were found commonly in courtrooms and were often given as gifts from one royal member to another.

Below you can view our current selection of antique silk and metallic threading rugs and carpets:

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