Old Rugs For The Next Generation Millennials

Older Rugs are for the Millennials / Next Generation

Traditionally, modern decor has consisted of neutral colors in minimal shades, hard lines and angles, and an avoidance of too many patterns or textures. While these basic rules of modernism still hold true for many interior decorating enthusiasts, an increasing percentage of the next generation of Millennials are adding antique rugs to their otherwise modern living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and even bathrooms. Why are antique rugs gathering popularity in a generation seemingly obsessed with moving forward and not looking back? Take your pick of reasons why antique rugs are the next generation rugs.

Older Rugs Are Made To Last

As the name “antique” implies, antique rugs are known to last for years, decades, or even longer. For the next generation of Millennials , there is value in choosing a design piece that is high quality and that will not have to be replaced quickly.  These antique rugs are usually handmade from high-quality, strong materials such as all-natural wool. The combination of attention to detail and sturdy natural fibers creates rugs that are more durable and last longer. Additionally, because they aren’t machine made, each rug will have its own unique patterns, styles, and textures.

The Older Rugs Are a Solid Investment

Stocks and bonds gain and lose value at the drop of a hat. The housing market isn’t always stable. Collectibles don’t always remain as popular as they once were. Because many types of investments aren’t always reliable, younger generations of Millennials are looking for more stable ways to invest. One such method is purchasing hard commodities with proven longevity, such as antique rugs. In addition to standing the test of time, antique rugs are much rarer than many other types of commodities, making their value even higher. More than just decor, rugs are art, sometimes passed down for generations, making them highly valuable and an excellent asset.

Next Generation Rugs Investment Nazmiyal

Old rugs are perfect for the next generation / Millennials because of their investment value.

Older Rugs Add Depth to White Spaces

Antique rugs are an excellent way to add style and depth to an otherwise stark room. Perhaps you like the clean look of white walls, white appliances, and a white floor. Even so, you need to add a bit of color to a room to create visual interest and create a better flow of your space. Jewel toned antique rugs go especially well in these white rooms and create a “pathway” in spaces like hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. As such a versatile design piece, they are highly sought after by interior decorators.

Next Generation Rugs White Spaces Nazmiyal

Millennials Next generation rugs add depth to white spaces.

Old Rugs Are Very Comfortable

Modern rugs are often created with synthetic materials that are often rougher against the skin and don’t have the same textural appeal as older pieces. High-quality antique rugs are typically made of wool sourced from places like New Zealand. The more luxurious ones may even use a blend of wool and silk that makes them even softer to the touch and more comfortable to walk across. Since comfort and usability is so important to the next generation of Millennial designers, an antique rug is the perfect choice.

Old Rugs Aren’t Just for Floors

People who love modern decor know the key to a great style is to think outside of the box (and off the floor). The best rugs offer versatility. Are you having trouble deciding what kind of art you’d like to display on the wall? Hang a rug in lieu of print art or wall tapestries. Rugs are an excellent way to add visual interest to a room, plus the materials act as sound barriers to make it harder for noise to travel between the walls. This is particularly helpful in a home office or anywhere else where you may need quiet to concentrate.

Next Generation Rugs as Wall Art Nazmiyal

Next generation Millennials rugs have many uses, including making beautiful wall art.

Old Rugs Support Artists

Factory-made rugs have no true art behind them and don’t do much beyond create more money for larger corporations. Purchasing an antique rug does just the opposite. Because they are created sustainably and responsibly, these rugs are more supportive of artists all over the world. In fact, many of the companies who deal in these types of decor donate some of their proceeds to the countries in which they work. These businesses also employ people who may have a hard time finding other work.

Old Rugs Hide Damage

Maybe you scuffed up the floor a little when you were trying to decide where to put your new couch. Perhaps your floor is just looking worn and you don’t want to spend money on professional polishing every few months. No matter what blemishes you want to hide, an antique rug is an excellent way to do it. One can not only hide imperfections but also add sophistication and elegance to your rooms.

Next Generation Rugs Elegance Nazmiyal

Millennials / Next generation rugs can hide damage as well as add elegance to your space.

Old Rugs Are Better for the Environment

Because old rugs are made with all-natural materials, including dyes, they are better for the environment. All-natural ingredients have fewer allergens and release fewer damaging toxins into the air you breathe. This also means wool rugs aren’t as likely to catch on fire during an emergency. Maybe you want a more eco-friendly decor theme. Perhaps you are interested in an investment. It may be simply that you love the look of antique rugs. Whether you’re hanging them on the wall or placing them on the floor, creating a look in your bathroom or cozying up your bedroom, one thing is certain: These rugs are sure to make your home the envy of all your friends!

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