How to Match Rugs to Art

Tips for Pairing and Matching Rugs to Art

A beautifully designed room is a wonderful thing. Even if you are working on a budget, as long as you can bring together the furniture, walls, floor and artwork in a space, it can look stunning. One of the challenges people face, when decorating their homes, is how to properly match a rug with other artworks in the room.

Here are a few tips and strategies for how to match rugs to art that can help you create a cohesive and attractive space:

Matching rugs to art involves considering various elements such as color, pattern, and style to create a harmonious and visually pleasing space.

Here are some tips to help you coordinate and pair your area rugs with art:

  1. Color Coordination:
    • Complementary Colors: Choose a rug that complements the dominant colors in your artwork. This creates a cohesive look without being too matchy-matchy.
    • Neutral Base: If your art is vibrant and colorful, opt for a neutral rug to provide a balanced backdrop.
  2. Pattern Play:
    • Mix Patterns: If your artwork has bold patterns, consider a rug with a more subtle or complementary pattern. Alternatively, if the art is more subtle, a bolder rug can add interest.
    • Consistent Style: Ensure that the patterns in both the rug and artwork are of a similar style. For example, traditional art may pair well with a classic patterned rug.
  3. Style Harmony:
    • Modern with Modern, Traditional with Traditional: Match the overall style of your rug to the style of your art. Modern art might pair well with a contemporary or abstract rug, while traditional art may look best with a more classic rug.
  4. Size Matters:
    • Proportions: Consider the size of both the artwork and the rug. They don’t need to be the same size, but their proportions should complement each other.
  5. Contrast for Impact:
    • Contrasting Elements: Create visual interest by incorporating some contrast. If your artwork is primarily dark, a lighter rug can make it pop, and vice versa.
  6. Consider the Room’s Function:
    • Comfort vs. Statement: In spaces where comfort is a priority, a plush, comfortable rug may take precedence over perfect art coordination. In more formal spaces, you might prioritize the visual statement.
  7. Personal Taste:
    • Trust Your Instincts: Ultimately, trust your personal taste and style. If you love the combination, it’s likely to work well for you.

Remember that there are no strict rules, and personal preferences play a significant role. Experimenting with different combinations and stepping back to assess the overall look can help you find the perfect balance between rugs and art in your space.

More information on how to match area rugs with art in the room:

1) Match Rugs to Art by Highlighting a Secondary Color in a Central Piece of Art

Take a look at some of the art that you already have in your room. Perhaps you have paintings or photographs on the wall. You may have decorative furniture or a beautiful vase. These other elements will likely have some sort of theme as far as their colors. If you feel that the existing primary colors of the pieces in the room would be overly bold, look for secondary colors that are either shared by several pieces or in a central piece of art. Use this secondary color as the major color of your rug.

Try taking some photographs of the room and art before you go shopping for rugs. Just remember that things like the room’s lighting and the quality of your camera may make matching colors challenging. Color matching with softer colors is typically easier than with bold colors. Additionally, if possible, it is always good to try the rug in the space soon after purchasing it.

Match Rug to Art Colors Nazmiyal

Match rugs to a color in your art for a polished look.

2) Pair the Rug Design to the Art Style

Another approach to matching a rug and artwork is to consider the style of the art. If you have a cohesive stylistic theme throughout the room, you can likely match the pattern of the rug to the style. For example, if you have a lot of art deco in the space, consider a Persian rug with a geometric rug pattern. Alternatively, you may want to find a design that boasts very soft color tones and edges for a room with impressionist art pieces.

More contemporary art and design tend to favor minimalism and order. Try a softer rug with less detail for this type of art. With an older style, especially with lots of dark, wooden tones, you may consider a more antique Oriental rug, which can add a level of sophistication to any space.

Match Rugs to Art Designs Nazmiyal

Match the shapes in your rug and your art for a put-together look.

3) Choose a artistic area rugs that can stands on their

Alternatively, you can look for a rug that can feature as a piece of art on its own. Many high-end area rugs are uniquely designed and are works of art in their own right. However, you don’t necessarily need a high-end rare rug for it to work in the space. The basic concept here is to mix and match so that the different pieces of art complement each other.

Many rugs go beyond basic patterns and shapes and are more comparable to a painting than to other floor coverings. For example, if you have a collection of different photographs, an intricate fine rug with some softer colors can look great. It will not match the coloring or the design of the photographs, but they work together as a whole composition.

Match Rugs to Art Stand Out Nazmiyal

Choose a rug that stands on its own and keep the rest of the art neutral.

4) Highlight the Rug in the Space

In a similar vein, you can highlight the rug as a central work of art. Some intricate pieces can be effective conversation pieces. If you find a rug that is truly remarkable, you may want to make it the central art piece in the room. Instead of trying to blend the rug in with the artwork, start with the rug. Use it as a central visual piece in the room and select wall art that highlights the rug.

For some very high-end rugs, owners hang the rug as art rather than using them as a floor covering. Of course, you don’t need to have a display-quality rug to make it a key theme of your room’s décor.

Highlight the Rug Nazmiyal

Make your rug the focal point of a space by hanging it on the wall.

5) Avoid Visual Competition Between The Rug and Art

The most important tip to keep in mind is that you want to avoid competition between the different elements of your room. Other art should balance with the design of your rug.

If you have very bold paintings on the wall plus an intricate rug, it will likely clash. This issue can make the mix-and-match style challenging. It is most difficult when the other art pieces all match each other but not the rug, making it appear as the odd one out.

Match Rugs to Art Balance Nazmiyal

If using a bold color or pattern in your rug, make sure not to use too much or too bold art in order to maintain balance.

What rug to pair with abstract art?

Pairing a rug with abstract art allows for creativity and flexibility. Abstract art often features vibrant colors, unique shapes, and diverse patterns.

Here are some suggestions to help you choose a rug that complements abstract art:

  • Neutral Elegance: Consider a neutral rug, such as a solid beige, gray, or cream. This provides a subtle backdrop that allows the abstract art to take center stage. Neutral rugs can also balance bold and vibrant abstract pieces.
  • Coordinate Colors: Pick a rug that includes some of the colors present in the abstract art. This creates a cohesive and harmonious look. You can choose a rug with a mix of colors that mirror those in the artwork.
  • Contrast with Bold Patterns: If your abstract art is more subtle, add visual interest with a rug that has bold patterns or geometric shapes. This contrast can enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.
  • Monochromatic Match: Select a rug that is monochromatic or features shades of a single color found in the abstract art. This creates a sophisticated and unified appearance.
  • Abstract on Abstract: Embrace the abstract theme by choosing a rug with its own abstract patterns. Ensure that the patterns in the rug do not clash with those in the artwork but rather complement or echo them.
  • Texture and Layers: Explore rugs with interesting textures like shaggy, woven, or tufted options. Texture can add depth to the room and create a dynamic contrast with the smooth surfaces of abstract art.
  • Size and Proportions: Consider the size and proportions of both the art and the rug. While they don’t need to match exactly, maintaining a sense of balance in scale can enhance the overall visual appeal.
  • Style Consistency: Match the overall style of the rug with the style of the abstract art. For example, if the art has a contemporary feel, opt for a modern or contemporary rug.
  • Personal Expression: Let your personal taste and style guide your choice. If you’re drawn to a particular rug that resonates with you and complements the abstract art, it’s likely to work well in your space.

Remember that there are no strict rules, and the key is to create a harmonious and visually pleasing environment that reflects your individual style and preferences. Experiment with different combinations and trust your instincts to find the perfect rug for your abstract art.

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Here are some rugs to inspire you to match to your art:

Antique Turkish Oushak Rug Nazmiyal

Antique Turkish Oushak Rug

Gorgeous Antique Dragon Chinese Rug Nazmiyal

Gorgeous Antique Dragon Chinese Rug

Explore some rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection that are perfect to hang on the wall as art:

Antique Silk Uzbek Suzani Embroidery Textile Nazmiyal

Antique Silk Uzbek Suzani Embroidery Textile

Antique 17th Century Transylvanian Prayer Rug Nazmiyal

Antique 17th Century Transylvanian Prayer Rug

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