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Pastel Rugs: The Perfect Spring Decor Piece

Mid May is spring at it’s best. The April showers have passed, and the May flowers are in full bloom. The weather is warm but not too hot. So why not bring the magic of spring inside? Mirror all the beautiful colors you see outside in your own interior decor. Currently, the trendiest way to do that is by using pastels. Pastels are coming back this year not just in fashion, but in home decor as well. One of the best ways to add a pastel pop to your home is a pastel rugs, but there are plenty of other beautiful decor pieces to choose from as well. (And combining pastels and florals? Don’t even get me started. It’s too perfect.) Let’s explore some of the best tips for incorporating pastel rugs and other elements into your home.

Pastel Design Basics

Pastels add a warm and welcoming touch to any modern home. They are both soothing and elegant. There are a few different ways to make your pastel decor stand out. First, consider pairing pastel colors with white. A crisp white lets the pastel colors speak for themselves without blending into the other decor or being overshadowed. Use your pastel colors in accent pieces, such as the wall art, lighting, or rug. Of course, if your space is more maximalist or eclectic, go big and match the pastels in your home with other, brighter colors. A tip for mixing and matching is to change the shade and tone while keeping the same color hue for a streamlined look.

Pastel Interior Design Eclectic Nazmiyal

Pastel colors can be played up for eclectic designs, or down for modern ones.

Pastel rugs and the pastel approach in general, works perfectly in nearly any room of the home. Pastel, vintage inspired appliances for the kitchen are having a big moment. But where pastel really shines, especially this spring, is in textiles. Upholstery on the couch, linens in the bedroom, throw pillows and blankets in the living room, or a rug in any room. Double up on the effect of your pastel designs by pairing the color with an interesting texture.

Pastel Color Textiles Nazmiyal

Patel colors are beautiful on textiles.

Depending on which shades of pastel you use, you can emulate different decor styles in your home. For example, cornflower blue and butter yellow are colors that are commonly seen in farmhouse and country designs. A toned down millennial pink on white is modern and contemporary. Powdery pastel pinks, oranges, and yellows – any warm colors – can make the space have a Renaissance feel. Play around with different color schemes to find the palette that works best for you.

Pastel Decor Accents Nazmiyal

Pastel decor accents are perfect in any room of the home.

Pastel Rugs

Neutral interior designs, which have been popular for so long, are slowly fading out of popularity and being replaced more colorful designs. Get the best of both worlds with pastels, which are like the neutral version of colors. In whatever style of room you choose, you can incorporate a beautiful pastel rug to give the space a pop of warmth and zen.

Interior Design Pastel Rugs Nazmiyal

Pastel rugs are a beautiful design trend.

Choose a piece with a longer pile and a little more texture for spaces like the bedroom and the living room. If you’re adding to an entryway, kitchen, office, or bathroom, a flat-weave rug is likely your best bet. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Mix and match colors in your rug with the colors in your other decor pieces. Choose a shabby chic, decorative rug in a pastel color to stay minimalist, or choose a bold decorative rug to make a statement. Whatever way you decide to use these pastel rugs, you can be sure that you will be on trend.

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