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Paul Klee Rugs – Widely celebrated for his distinct and innovative approach, artist Paul Klee is surly one of the more important and influential artists of the twentieth century. A German-Swiss painter, Klee’s immediately recognizable style includes elements of expressionism, cubism, surrealism, and futurism. Klee famously taught at the German Bauhaus School of Design, Art and Architecture alongside fellow painter and friend Wassily Kandinsky. Paul Klee is responsible for designing some genuinely beautiful area rugs which beautifully showcase his unique style. Renowned throughout the art world for his striking style and unique opinions on contemporary art movements, Paul Klee remains one of the most important artists to have worked in the past one hundred years.

When twentieth-century art movements are viewed with the privilege of today’s hindsight, there are a myriad of interesting developments that one cannot help but notice. For instance, the post-modern style of Paul Klee may now be seen as a logical development following on the heels of the incredible popularity of figures such as Picasso and Dali, also twentieth century giants who pioneered certain artistic notions. When post-modern aesthetic values began to profligate throughout twentieth century society, there was a sudden and great demand for artworks that challenged the status quo in new and exciting ways. Paul Klee’s distinct style, which marries together some of the more disparate approaches to post-modern aesthetics, is a wonderful consequence of an art world ever clamoring for novelty and innovation.

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