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Fernand Leger rugs – Born February 4th, 1881, Joseph Fernand Henri Leger excelled in painting, sculpting and even film making. He is known for adapting the elements of cubism and creating his own unique style that would be known as “Tubism”.

Born a peasant in Argentan, France, Leger came from very little money. His family made their living in agriculture and initially dissuaded Fernand’s interest in art. But as time went on and as they watched Leger’s talent grow, they did come around to embrace his artistic life path.

In 1901, Leger convinced his father to allow him to enroll in architecture school. He soon became an architectural apprentice in Paris, France.

Leger went on to attend the Paris School of Decorative Art,. There he began his use of cubism and eventually tubism. Leger’s early works were inspired by impressionism, mixed with cubism (used by the noted artist Pablo Picasso).

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Artist Fernand Leger

Leger put his career on a brief hold to serve in the French army during World War I. He was injured however, and hospitalized after sustaining an injury to his brain. It was at this point that Leger ventured into other artistic mediums aside from traditional painting. He experimented in book illustrations and costume designs for local theaters. He eventually made his first film, Ballet Mecanique and then he then went on to open up his own art school.

When WWII came about, Leger moved to America for a brief time. Some of his most noteworthy works were created during this time such as a painting series called “Divers” followed by “Acrobats” and “Cyclists”.

In the 1950’s, Leger again expanded his realm of creation by adapting his art to tapestries, stained glass, mosaics and pottery.

Léger died in 1955, in Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

Tubism by Fernand Leger:

One of Leger’s most famous and noted accomplishments is the establishment of the artistic style  nick named “tubism”. Tubism is essentially a play off of the cubism art style, but with the focus on geometric shapes instead of people. Tubism was a new concept and made Leger incredibly unique in his style.

Leger’s uses and manipulation of so many different methods and mediums of art make him an icon in the art world. His work inspired many traditional as well as pop artists, even years after his death.

As recently as 2008, one of Leger’s paintings sold for $39.2 million dollars during an art auction, showing that his influence and work is truly timeless.

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