Vintage Paul Klee Ege Art Line Carpet Named “Structural 1” 71715


Size: 8 ft 2 in x 11 ft (2.49 m x 3.35 m)

Beautiful Vintage Paul Klee Ege Art Line Carpet Named “Structural 1”, Country Of Origin: Scandinavia, Circa Date: Vintage – In 1938, Mads Eg Damgaard had a vision. He recognized that the world of art was changing, and interior design was closely following emerging trends. Ege art set out to redefine the way the world thought of rugs and their place in interior design. The Ege Art Line recreated many of the more popular works of modern abstract art for the floor. Artwork was no longer limited to the walls. The floor became a new canvas to be explored and developed by designers.

The Ege Art Line presented the works of contemporary abstract artists in a format that complemented the minimalist furniture styles of the time. This piece captures a work by Paul Klee titled, “Structural 1.” This abstract expressionist piece was created as part of a series in 1924. Paul Klee was a German artist who helped to define the abstract expressionist movement. He produced work until his death in 1940. the vintage Ege Art Line rugs often recreated many masterpieces of the abstract expressionist movement.

This vintage Paul Klee Ege art rug is a piece of beautiful artwork for your floor. It has a primitive feel and colors that reflect the natural world. The piece has a hand-drawn quality and tribal overtones. This would be excellent for your Mid-century Modern or retro-themed room. This magnificent modern art rug adds gentle color in a neutral room, or it would be perfectly at home in a maximalist interior designed space with other colorful pieces.

This vintage rug from Scandinavia adds energy to the space and will make a statement in your home or office. It is the perfect size area rug for a conversation area, formal dining area, bedroom, or home office. The vintage rug is an inspiring piece based on a work by an important abstract expressionist artist. The vintage Scandinavian rugs by Ege Art Line are known for their quality, and this one is a perfect addition to your collection of mid-20th-century pieces.

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