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Marc Saint-Saens Rugs and Carpets – The noted artist Marc Saint-Saëns (1903-1979) was an influential French expressionist painter and tapestry artist who had a great impact on the way that France produced fine area rugs. A celebrated figure in his own lifetime, Saint-Saëns was responsible in part for the renaissance and rebirth of French tapestry production in the 20th century. Along with Jean Lurçat and Jean Picart Le Doux, Saint-Saëns established the Association of Cartoon Painters for Tapestry. This unique group used gouache to paint cartoons for tapestry production resulting in the fluid and uniquely Parisian lines.

This unique and easily recognizable aesthetic is closely associated with Saint-Saëns and his best known tapestry works, such as “Thésée and the Minotaur.” During his career, Marc Saint-Saëns created an enormous range of designs with abstract, surrealist and pictorial themes, which have been made into carpets, tapestries and public murals. In the middle twentieth century, we saw artists like Saint-Saëns exercise an outsized impact on the prevailing trends and fashions. Surly and undeniably a great giant of twentieth century art and design, Marc Saint-Saëns represents an important development in the production of artistic French rugs.

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