Rectangular The Huari Design Kilim Rug By Genaro Rivas 60865

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Size: 9 ft x 11 ft 10 in (2.74 m x 3.61 m)

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Beautiful Rectangular The Huari Design Kilim Rug By Genaro Rivas, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Peru, Circa Date: ModernPeruvian artist Genaro Rivas is quickly becoming a modern icon with his work that blends ancient traditions with contemporary aesthetics. He is a self taught artist from the coastal province of Chiclayo, Peru. His work, especially his art rugs, draw inspiration from the ancient cultures that have inhabited his childhood home for millennia.

This gorgeous rug from Peru is part of the Huari (Wari) collection and reflects the artwork of the Wari culture that inhabited the Peruvian coast from around 500 to 1,000 A.D. This culture was known for its beautiful abstract textile designs. Many examples of its textile art were well-preserved in desert burials. As a child, Rivas had an original Huari textile hanging on his wall, which served inspired his own interpretations of the originals.

The textiles of the Huari incorporate geometrics and a high degree of abstraction to create a wide variety of inspiring designs. Sometimes, these designs were in only two high-contrast colors, and other times, they were in a range of bold hues. These designs are steeped in ancient traditions, but they also translate well into contemporary decor.

This beautiful modern flat weave rug has a modern feel that is perfect for adding pattern and interest to an all-black and white room. This classic color combination has remained a staple of interior design throughout the decades. Now, designers are giving new life to this classic by incorporating contrasting patterns and modern geometrics.

This captivating kilim rug makes a statement and will create a focal point in any room of the home. It is the perfect foundation for a glass-top table where you can enjoy the entirety of this inspired piece. In a room of neutrals, this modern area rug adds a bold and dynamic pattern. The simple shapes give it a minimalist feel that is perfect for today’s tastes.

Rivas’ work adds energy to the space that few modern pieces can do. The blending of ancient and modern design influences to create something new are what stand out about the work of this artist. Genaro Rivas is dedicated to helping local and indigenous cultures by giving them an outlet for their traditional techniques and designs. This Peruvian rug is part of a collection that is a partnership between the Nazmiyal Rugs and the artist. It is a unique and inspired piece for your contemporary home.

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