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Below you can scroll through some of our rug samples from our previous custom area rug projects and modern rug collections:

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Learn More About The Process Of Custom Making Area Rugs

Yes it’s true – Nazmiyal Antique Rugs now offers the ability to custom make rugs in pretty much any shape, size, color, design and material. Your are only limited by your own unique and personal imagination.

If you are having a tricky time finding the perfect rugs for your home then maybe it is time to consider creating exactly what you need and what you want.

You have a free hand to create your very own area rugs. Some people choose to custom size, others want to recreate an existing rug or art work with some personal tweaks such as changing some colors, materials, design, size or colors. Also, some people will opt to create their own unique area rugs based on their own individual taste and personal artistic approach.

When making your own area rugs the sky is the limit. So feel free to review some of the below samples for inspiration or reach out with your own thoughts and lets make your dream rug a reality.

Regardless of what you want made, we are here to help.

What are custom rug samples?

Custom rug samples are small, representative swatches or portions of a rug that are specifically created to showcase the design, color, and texture of a custom-made or personalized rug before the full-sized version is produced.

When customers opt for a custom rug, they often have the opportunity to request samples to ensure that the final product aligns with their vision and meets their expectations.

Here’s how the process generally works for custom rug samples:

  • Design and Specifications: Customers work with the rug manufacturer or designer to specify their desired rug design, dimensions, colors, materials, and any other customizations.
  • Sample Creation: A small sample or swatch is then produced based on the customer’s specifications. This sample provides a tangible representation of what the final custom rug will look and feel like.
  • Customer Approval: The custom rug sample is sent to the customer for approval. This allows the customer to assess the design, colors, and overall quality in person.
  • Adjustments (if needed): If the customer has any feedback or requests changes after reviewing the sample, adjustments can be made before proceeding with the production of the full-sized custom rug.
  • Full Production: Once the customer approves the sample, the manufacturer proceeds with producing the full-sized custom rug based on the approved design.

Custom rug samples serve as a crucial step in the customization process, giving customers the opportunity to visualize and confirm their choices before committing to the production of the entire rug. This helps ensure that the final product meets the customer’s expectations and aligns with their unique preferences and requirements.

Do people keep the bespoke rug samples once the custom rug is finished? If so, what do they do with them?

Whether people keep bespoke rug samples once the custom rug is finished can vary based on individual preferences and practical considerations.

Here are a few scenarios:

  • Kept as Reference: Some individuals may choose to keep the custom rug samples as a reference for future design decisions. These samples serve as a tangible reminder of the chosen colors, patterns, and materials, making it easier to coordinate with other elements in the room or when considering additional customizations in the future.
  • Used for Comparison: Customers may retain the samples for comparison purposes. This can be helpful when assessing how the custom rug integrates with existing furnishings, wall colors, or other design elements in their space.
  • Repurposed in Design Projects: Creative individuals or interior designers might repurpose rug samples in other design projects. Small swatches can be used for crafting, DIY projects, or incorporated into mood boards for future design endeavors.
  • Kept as a Memento: Some people choose to keep the custom rug sample as a memento of the design process. It can be a small but meaningful keepsake that represents the thought and effort invested in creating a personalized and unique piece for their home.
  • Discarded or Recycled: In some cases, individuals may choose to discard the samples, especially if they have no immediate use for them. Some rug manufacturers may provide guidance on eco-friendly disposal or recycling options for these materials.

Ultimately, the decision to keep or discard custom rug samples depends on the individual’s preferences, space constraints, and whether they find value in retaining a physical representation of the custom rug creation process.



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