Vintage Round Corneille Art Rug 48332

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Size: 7 ft 2 in x 7 ft 2 in (2.18 m x 2.18 m)

Vintage Round Corneille Rug, Scandinavia, circa Mid-Twentieth Century – This graphic and intensely colored carpet is the work of a midcentury artist who played an important role in the expressionist movement. Corneille Guillaume Beverloo is a mid-20th century artist who went by simply “Corneille.” His works are often poetic, controversial, and highly expressive. He was a leader in the post-World War II expressionist movement and was one of the founding members of an influential group of Scandinavian artists known as CoBrA.

Corneille’s work is characterized by a dramatic and eccentric use of color, paired with familiar objects that included cats, birds, and women. His work shows the influence of African art, and of contemporaries such as Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee. He was particularly drawn to Vincent van Gogh’s use of color and form. In keeping with the avant-garde style that was a hallmark of CoBrA artists, his work takes on a surreal quality and is filled with passion and emotion.

Although Corneille had formal art training, he considered himself to be largely self-taught. His work expanded the conventions of art at the time and transformed it into a method for expressing the artist’s inner world more deeply. He began his art career in Brussels, but he later moved to Paris. The title of this piece is called Elegie d’un e’te’, which translates to “Elegy of a Summer.” An elegy is a poem that is often a serious reflection. The most common subject is a reflection of the dead, but not always. However, this type of poem is almost always somber and a poem of lament.

Although we do not know the name of the woman who is the subject of this vintage artwork, the symbolism of loss is clear. This type of outward expression is a characteristic of Corneille’s artwork. This carpet is an important piece of iconic midcentury artwork and is an essential for the collector, as well as for the interior decorator who wants to add a touch of drama to the design.

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