Square Vintage Scandinavian Surrealist Tapestry Rug by Corneille 49544


Size: 6 ft 10 in x 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m x 2.08 m)

Breathtaking Square Size Vintage Mid Century Scandinavian Surrealist Tapestry Rug by Corneille 49544, Type And / Or Origin Of This Area Rug: Scandinavia Rug, Circa Date: 1950 – Designed by one of the most iconic Dutch artists of the 20th century – Corneille, this exceptional, eye-catching surrealist Scandinavian rug, splashed with vibrant and thrilling color, has a playful personality that is both stirring and fascinating.

This exciting square size surrealist tapestry rug by Corneille depicts an art scene that captivates the viewer. By creating the fascinating dichotomy of illustrating both stylized and abstract figures, Corneille takes on a voyage where the viewer is walking the thin line between reality and the dream world. An accomplishment that is only attainable by the greatest of artists.

Corneille’s renowned affinity for a bright and intensely rich color pallet is showcased here is a beautiful and exhilarating way. The spectacular Picassoesque imagery is created by juxtaposing the striking vibrant reds, calming grass-like greens, happy bright yellows, cool blues, neutral whites and dramatic blacks against each other.

This extraordinary representation is a prime example of Corneille’s prevalent motifs. These design elements often included depictions of animals and human figures, viewed from various perspectives, in quirky and unusual scenery.

This picturesque tapestry rug’s design includes illustrations of a surreal white bird perched atop the chest of a conceptualized woman in the forefront. This image pops with vitality against the rich red background that surrounds it.

Overlooking her stands a peculiar, cubist bust of a second woman in black and yellow next to a segmented portrayal of a human like cat figure at the center of this magnificent art rug. The patterns of almost parallel lines and concentric circles are referenced in the background in a wild and energetic interpretation of a second bird flying across a red sun high up in the sky.

Corneille’s signature is featured prominently in the lower right corner on the green woman in the foreground. This breathtaking and exciting tapestry rug by Corneille is a dramatic and impressive textile art piece that is bursting with boldness, beauty and mystery. Though it features many bright and rich colors, its overall artistic impact of this vintage mid century rug is one of intrigue, innocence and calm.

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