Lars Gynning Mid Summer Dance Tapestry 46889


Size: 10 ft 8 in x 7 ft 9 in (3.25 m x 2.36 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Created in Aubusson by the legendary Pinton Freres atelier, this art deco French Tapestry — Mid Summer Dance — is a cubist masterpiece that captures the distinctive style of Lars Gynning. Borrowing from European mythology and folklore, this modern tapestry expertly combines classical design elements with cubist influences to create a perfect marriage of old and new. Like neoclassical tapestries, this mid-century creation features an expansive composition with people, animals and grandiose landscape features that are infused with Gynning’s unique style. Exuberant dancers revel around towering May poles in a festive summer solstice celebration, as choreographed by the artist. Gynning’s strong cubist style adds textural patterns and decorative geometric shapes to each colorful dancer, seagull and grassy ledge. Jagged blue outlines rendered in Gynning’s signature color define the edge of each geometric cubist figure while adding an immense level of detail to each hand-woven design.

A Breathtaking French Aubusson Tapestry titled “Mid Summer Dance” by Lars Gynning, Country of Origin : France, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – Full of cubist detail, texture and rich color, this stunning Pinton Freres Aubusson tapestry features an exceptional rendering of Lars Gynning’s festive Mid Summer Dance of St. John.

This delightful tapestry by Pinton Freres Gynning captures a joyful Midsummer Festival by the sea. It was created by the Aubusson tapestry works in France and is an important piece of artwork by a multi talented vintage mid 20th century artist. Lars Gynning draws from European folklore and mythology for his subject matter and also draws from modernist and Cubist painting styles. He is known as a painter, a draftsman, and tapestry artist.

This Lars Gynning Mid Summer Dance tapestry shows people frolicking and dancing around poles decorated with flowers and wreaths. It is a bright sunny day that is perfect for a celebration. Beautiful birds join in the fun as seagulls sweep and arc through the sky, while other birds join in the fun on the ground. The color palette combines bright and muted colors to highlight the people and make them stand out against the natural landscape.

This tapestry has a high level of detail and the artist used alternating lines of light and dark colors to create texture and to create the appearance of sand, soil, and rippling water. This tapestry has a story to tell and captures a unique event on a warm, summer day. The characters are joyous and immersed in the fun celebration.

This breathtaking Lars Gynning Mid Summer Dance tapestry will bring a sense of happiness and the light to any space that it occupies. It is also a rare wall hanging Tapestry and a highly important one from an influential mid-20th century artist. It is an essential for any mid-20th century collection, or any office or home space where it can be prominently displayed to add its own character to the room.

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