Artist Agne Kisonaite Art Carpets

Artist Agne Kisonaite: Bringing a Traditional Art to the Modern World

Artist Agne Kisonaite uses her art and carpets as a form of social and political commentary on the modern world. Agne is an artist who works in a full range of mediums. She transforms everyday objects into contemporary art with a message. She creates furniture, paintings, sculptures, and handmade rugs.

Agne’s art works are refreshing and offer a unique perspective on the world that we live in today. Agne is most well known for her creations, such as her Lipstick Tower, which was shown in Hong Kong. Her inspiration is themes such as consumerism and the concept of artificial beauty. She combines techniques to create multi-medium works, sometimes merging the world of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. This is only one of the ways in which Agnes steps out of the box to give us a new perspective on our modern world.

Bullfinch by Agne Kisonaite | Nazmiyal

“Bullfinch” handmade rug by Agne Kisonaite. Image from the artist’s website.

Art Carpets With a Modern Twist by Artist Agne Kisonaite

The creation of carpets and rugs is a traditional art form, and Agne Kisonaite shows us that this ancient art form also has a place in the modern art world. She creates hand tufted textile art carpets that are whimsical and that support her view of the modern, material world. Her art rugs are soft, plush, and have bold, vivid rug colors. The themes reflect a child-like curiosity of life.

One of artist Agne Kisonaite’s favorite subjects for carpets is birds. She renders them in bright colors, reducing their form to only the absolute most essential lines. She uses bold, heavy lines, which creates a contrast with the delicate nature of the birds. Agne’s large-scale renditions are a contrast to the birds in real life. Each of them has a charming personality that shines through.

Birds by Agne Kisonaite - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

“Birds” Installation: Handwoven rug by Agne Kisonaite. Image from the artist’s website.

The Creative Process of Agne Kisonaite

Each of Agnes’ carpets begins as a painted picture. One of the characteristics that make her art carpets unique is her choice of materials. She uses eco-friendly linen and a hand tufting technique. This gives the creations a unique feel and visual impact. Her choice of birds as a theme is simply a product of the inspiration that she draws from them. She creates artistic carpets with bullfinches, cranes, ducks, woodpeckers, sparrows, and other birds.

Artist Agne Kisonaite uses her creations to decorate her own home, as well as to display them in exhibitions. They are enormous, room-sized creations that are meant to the be center of attraction in the room. They go well with modern, contemporary furniture with clean designs. Kisonaite sometimes does abstracts in a wide range of colors. Her work focuses on the use of line, scale, and color. She uses areas of color that are solid and bold.

Each of her rugs takes about six months to create from concept to finished project. One of her most significant challenges is that it is often difficult to see how the project will look when she scales it up from A-4 paper to the finished size of the carpet. The final carpets are soft, durable and hypoallergenic. Cleaning the rugs is easy and can be done using a vacuum cleaner. Agnes’ art work is not only beautiful; it is practical too. It was important for her to create works of art that were practical and functional, as well as beautiful.

Agne Kisonaite has achieved the ability to bring traditional carpet weaving techniques to create something vibrant and modern. Her works showcase the use of contemporary design technique and fresh use of nontraditional carpet materials. Kisonaite’s works are almost too beautiful for words and work well as large-scale tapestry wall art. Her passion and love show in every piece that she creates, and her creations bring a smile to everyone with their whimsical designs and spectacular colors. She is a true visionary in the world of carpet weaving.

Titmouse by Agne Kisonaite - Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Agne Kisonaite weaving her “Titmouse” rug. Image from the artist’s website.

Check out some of our favorite bird rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection:

Oversized Antique Persian Hunting Scene Kerman Rug by Nazmiyal

Oversized Antique Persian Hunting Scene Kerman Rug

Antique Animal Motif Tehran Persian Rug | Nazmiyal

Antique Animal Motif Tehran Persian Rug

Vintage Round Corneille Rug by Nazmiyal

Vintage Round Corneille Rug

We love the work of Agne Kisonaite and do not represent the artist or sell her pieces. You can view her entire portfolio here.

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This rug blog about textile artist Agne Kisonaite and her art carpets was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rug Gallery in NYC.

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