Vintage Scandinavian Stream For House and Garden Josef Frank Rug 49820


Size: 8 ft 4 in x 8 ft 6 in (2.54 m x 2.59 m)

Artistic Vintage Scandinavian Stream For House and Garden Josef Frank Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type:  Scandinavia Rug, Circa Date: Mid – 20th Century

The iconic designer and artist Josef Frank is considered one of Sweden’s most important designers (Frank moved in 1933 from Austria to Sweden in an effort to avoid the Nazism threat).  Frank broke from the uniform Viennese modernism of the early 20th century to develop a personal style that emphasized freedom and organic schemes. This vintage Scandinavian rug, titled “Stream For House and Garden” showcases beautifully this new free flowing artistic approach.

This vintage mid century rug lacks symmetry and yet it feels extremely balanced. Soft earthy colors blend effortlessly with beautiful flowing patterns to create a relaxed design that begins with a pale stream. At the center of this stream we see a beautiful collection of smoothed out river pebbles that resemble a tiger print design.

Flanking both sides of the river, we find clean patches of horizontally aligned striated color. These sections stretch from either side of this central focal point all the way to the solid colored primary colored sides.

The top and the bottom of the stream seems to be flowing out of the vertical lines. The colors at the head and tail approximate those on the sides of the stream so that despite having a different form, they are harmonized.

The decoration on these top and bottom edges extracts hues from the stones of the stream. These components have shapes like altered yin-yang signs and unfinished strokes that speak to the simple and unstructured quality of the work.

The more one spends time examining the design and patterns of this art rug, the more prominent the Taijitu / yin yang design approach becomes.  The design of this Stream For House and Garden Josef Frank rug plays beautifully on the balance between two opposites. Blue and white horizontal lines flow into and our of the the more sandy and white colored vertical lines. Where the lines match in direction, the color varies and visa versa. All these magnificent contrasts feel very much at ease and feel as if the opposites are not fighting with each other but rather are celebrating each others unique and different attributes.

Both sides of this beautiful Stream For House and Garden Josef Frank rug, are comparatively plain. Here we see thick rectangles of solid color interrupted part of the ways through by horizontal bars of different widths and shades (all of which can be found with the color palette of the rug itself). While the fabric patterns around and on the top and bottom edges of the stream are relatively thin and close together, the bands on the left and right sides of the rug are full and thick.

This rug will be an easy addition to almost any interior design approach.  It is the kind of decorative rug that will forever be treasured by those who see it.

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