Blue Floral Oversized Antique Medallion Design Chinese Rug 49240


Size: 11 ft 1 in x 24 ft 6 in (3.38 m x 7.47 m)
Origin: China

Beautiful Blue Color Antique Oversized Chinese Area Rug, Rug Type: Antique Chinese Area Rug, Rug Woven During: 1920’s – This dreamy blue antique Chinese rug was produced around the turn of the 20th century. It is recognizably a formal piece of Chinese artwork and contains many of the common elements found in Asian art of that time. The design of this antique Peking rug centers on a central medallion with all other elements of the antique Oriental rug working to highlight the central design.

Aside from their striking beauty, the great rugs from China contain symbols that have special cultural meaning. Weaving is a Chinese art form that goes back thousands of years and many of the symbols found in these antique rugs have meanings that are as ancient as the art itself. In this rug, the central design contains a symbol that may represent a certain family, dynasty, ruler, or concept. One can see the clouds surrounding the central design, which are representative of a bright and prosperous future. Each floral element had its own specific meaning too.

The use of contrast separates the rug into formal elements, each of which has its own beauty and could stand alone. That is one of the key elements of Chinese art. Each of the symbols and elements of the rug design could easily stand alone, if the other elements were not present. This is one of the techniques used that makes the entire oversized rug seem balanced and perfect in every way. In this rug, the lighter border background highlights the midnight blue of the central design.

Many elements of Chinese art connect to nature and represent the natural world. Blue in rugs is often representative of water or the sky. Plant elements connect the earth to the sky and represent man’s connection to the divine. This magnificent antique blue Peking Chinese rug is of superb quality and would make the perfect addition to an Asian-themed room or any traditional classic space.

True to the traditional style of many beautiful Chinese rugs, this azure masterpiece uses a unified palette with flowing floral motifs to create a symmetrical array of color and motion. Freely moving leaf shapes and vine connections define the second border and the interior of the piece, with the outermost border standing out as the most flat and dominating to create visual contrast between the activity at the heart of the blue rug. This activity is a unifying theme that simultaneously grounds the piece and provides it with an airy form of whimsy, most notable at the points of contrast at the heart of the antique rug.

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